The beginning

May 2004

From Abbie’s family:

One of the main reasons this web site exists is so that we can reach out in return to all those around the world who are joining us in praying for Abigail’s life. shoes We are so humbled, overwhelmed and blessed by the incredible outpouring of love and support we are receiving. We want to let you know that your prayers are being answered in so many miraculous ways. Though we are walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, we have met the Good Shepherd face-to-face and have seen His faithfulness, goodness and love. We believe in and trust the Lord Jesus Christ, and are praying above all that through this journey His name would be glorified.

On Monday May 3rd our family’s life was changed forever when our 2-year-old daughter, Abigail, nearly drowned in our pool. We were so vigilant about always keeping it locked up, and the accident happened when everyone was around and other kids were in the pool. The sound of the kids screaming my name brought me running, and echoes in my mind still. We had two families visiting us that afternoon, so the two other moms and I gave Abbie CPR while the kids went out front to wait for the ambulance. I kept waiting for Abbie to start coughing and gagging, but we got no response before the paramedics arrived after less than 5 minutes. I had some agonizing phone conversations with my husband, Ray, while they were getting an IV and airway in before the ambulance started going. He asked me if our daughter was gone, and all I could say was, “I don’t know — I think so.” I asked the paramedics if they had a heart beat, and one answered, “No, not yet.” I fell to the floor of the ambulance, put my hand on her little blue foot and released her to God, if He was asking for her. They let me ride in the front of the ambulance after I promised to be absolutely still and quiet. Ray ended up following right behind us.

We arrived at the hospital and I tumbled into the arms of waiting friends. Because Ray works at a sister hospital, we knew many of the staff at Kapiolani Women’s and Childrens, where they took Abbie. They were there to greet us at the door. They immediately took us to a conference room where they began to prepare us to say goodbye. They said we would have a private room where we could rock her and say good-bye. I was numb with shock and grief. We needed to pray but could’t even find the words.

The door burst open and looking down, I braced for the worst. I didn’t even see the person who announced “We’ve got a pulse and a blood pressure!” Hallelujah! The prayers started rolling off our tongues then! I prayed to the God who called Lazarus forth from the tomb, acknowledging that He is able, and praying that He was willing.

Lab results came back showing high levels of acid in Abbie’s blood, which indicate that she was without oxygen for a significant amount of time.

Abbie was then moved up to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. We were told that the outlook was very grim. At that time we did not know that statistically there was no way she should have survived through the ER. Her fight, and the test of our faith, was just beginning.

As we were surrounded by friends and brothers and sisters in Christ that night, I was astounded to find that what filled my heart and came out of my mouth was praise. I experienced shock, grief, fear, guilt, regret, and waves of desperation..but it always ended in praise.

That night, as I sat by her bedside, wondering if these were the last hours that I would have a daughter, God lead me to Psalm 5:1-3, which is why it’s the verse under her picture. He has always met us in the morning with fresh mercies and grace. And, we will continue to eagerly watch what He is doing in, for, and through Abbie.

Thank you for ALL of your prayers.