2005 Prayers (July – December)

[spoiler title=”July”]

Name: Kathy Date: 2005-07-31
Email: kathleenfelix@comcast.net

Comments: Dear little Abby and family: Always praying for you without ceasing. Know how much you are loved, by the Father and by all of us! You are free! God has set you free! I praise Him for you and your wonderful family.

Name: Virginia Date: 2005-07-29
Email: dnwickersheim@hotmail.com

Comments: Tiffany, Just want you to know that I stand in prayer with you in your invitation of those you invited to accept Christ into there lives. It’s so amazing how the Lord gives us a mission to accomplish while we are in tough times. God Bless you and God makes everything beautiful. Virginia

Name: Bonnie Date: 2005-07-29

Comments: Tiffany, You are a wonderful witness of God’s love..I have watched you grow in abundance and faith over the years..You have truly bloomed just as Abbie is blooming…The Lord is continuing to work through you and Abby to touch so many lives …Your family is on our hearts, and we are still praying ..Love RBAB

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-07-28

Comments: Tiffany what you wrote is so beautiful and wonderfully true. I have some friends and a son who are struggling with some life choices and issues. I am going to have them all read your post. Once again your post touched me deeply. Your family are in my prayers. You are all such a wonderful inspiration to us all.

Name: Maryland Momof5 Date: 2005-07-28

Comments: Tiffany,You are an inspiration to me. I know Jesus but this post really touched my heart and spirit! It is ALL about Him and not Abbie or you or me! Awesome.

Name: jeannine Date: 2005-07-28
Email: jeanninegay@yahoo.com

Comments: Tiffany, you have the most wonderful heart, so loving and kind. You have no idea what a blessing you are. You may think that Abby is the one that will be the biggest witness to the world, but in my opinion God is truly using you as a way of showing people the strength that a Christian has when God truly is in their heart.

Name: Aurora Date: 2005-07-28
Email: ahafer@houston.rr.com

Comments: Hi Tiffany..I just printed your latest update. I’m always checking and I save it to read just before going to bed. It’s my special treat…We are always praying for sweet Abbie and reading about her progress is such a blessing!

Name: Candice Date: 2005-07-28
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: You know, Tiffany, Helen Keller did not have the means to reach the world like Abbie has, and your last update may have an exponentially greater impact on mankind than Ms. Keller’s life ever did. Who knows how many lost lives will be saved because of Abbie and your updates! Praise the Lord!!!

Name: Melissa Brown Date: 2005-07-28
Email: bunchofbrowns@comcast.net

Comments: Thank you for the reminder that God loves us so much. I always look forward to reading your updates and getting that little inspiration to help me through the day. I wish I had the same inspirational words for you. Just know that we love you and are praying for you!

Name: annie Date: 2005-07-28

Comments: PRAISE GOD! Healer and protector! Thanks to God for our beautiful daughters and their 100% healing. Prayers for the manifestation to come. Thank you for walking, talking, seeing, playing!!! It is all coming!

Name: Mrs. Fernandez Date: 2005-07-27

Comments: Hi Abbie, I pray for you almost every evening. I look forward to meeting you one day. I know you have touched many lives includu=ing mine, Someday you will read this and understand your special role in the lives of sio many people who are praying for your complete recovery. Much Love to y ou and your family.

Name: TNF Date: 2005-07-25

Comments: Aloha Little Princess! My goodness have you come so far. It has been a while since we’ve checked in on you, but somehow we just knew that you were doing GREAT! We’re finally back on the web so we’ll be checking in on you more. We’re so proud of you little one!

Name: Dorn Date: 2005-07-25

Comments: Hoping that no news is good news. Thinking and praying for you and your family all the time.

Name: Kathy Date: 2005-07-25
Email: kat8100@ricochet.com

Comments: Keep trying hard Abbie, you are such a strong girl and Jesus is smiling when He sees you trying to walk. I will pray for extra strength for you today!

Name: JEANNINE Date: 2005-07-24


Name: Mark Watson http://paris-hilton.50webs.com/ Date: 2005-07-24
Email: mark_ww354@mail.com

Comments: Congratulations on the new layout. Keep it up to date as a celebrity :)

Name: Troy & Kathleen Lanz, family Date: 2005-07-23
Email: lanzhvac@route24.net

Comments: We have not written in such a long time but that does not mean we have not been keeping all of you in our prayers!! Your website has been such an inspiration and we give God all praise for the healing he has done in Abby.

Name: Becky Date: 2005-07-22

Comments: I pray all is well. You are all in my thoughts and prayers..

Name: MUGU MUGU Date: 2005-07-22
Email: MUGU@mugu.com


Name: Gail Date: 2005-07-21

Comments: I was just given your website by my brother Mike Flynn who knows Ray through work. I just wanted to let you know that your site is a true inspiration to read. Your words just melted my heart and I read through so many of your entries and you reminded me how strong our Faith should always be and that nobody over-rules God. I am adding your courageous and beautiful daughter to my prayer list as we…(trimmed)

Name: Virginia Wickersheim Date: 2005-07-20
Email: dnwickersheim@hotmail.com

Comments: What a praise to read about abbies progress. I look forward to checking how abbies doing..and her mommy and daddy are doing also.You are always in my thoughts nd prayers. I’m finding that trusting in Jesus is a minute by minute, day by day and just when I want to feal discouraged, he reminds me that he’s there for me to depend on him and not to be afraid or anxious. I know I’m stronger in my fait…(trimmed)

Name: Debra Date: 2005-07-20

Comments: Praise for Abbie!

Name: Marcy Date: 2005-07-20
Email: dmtopaul@aol.com

Comments: We are all so excited to hear about Abbie’s newest miracles. What an amazing little angel you have. We continue to pray for her and your family. The Lord has something in store for this sweet miracle child. Continue to keep your faith strong. Your family is a strong example of what Christ’s love can do for a family.

Name: Kenney’s Date: 2005-07-20

Comments: We have been praying for her walking :) Thanks for the updates.

Name: Your Sister in Christ (Kim in San Diego) Date: 2005-07-19

Comments: Praise God for you Abbie!! keep up the hard work little one – it is so wonderful to hear how Jesus is working in you and to see your progress!!

Name: Rhonda Date: 2005-07-19
Email: rhonda@lexisnexis.com

Comments: I would like to encourage you to listen to the message about Katelyn’s miracle, if you have not already. I think it would be a great blessing at this time in your journey. We are praying for you all.

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-07-17

Comments: Great job Abbie. You are such a trooper.

Name: Candice Date: 2005-07-17
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Abbie is healed! By God, Abbie IS healed! Now please, Lord, give us the patience to watch you unfold this miracle is Your time! Amen!

Name: The Suttons Date: 2005-07-17

Comments: Way to go ABBY!!! We love to hear the progress. Keep up the hard work. Love rbab

Name: Mary Date: 2005-07-17

Comments: Keep getting better, and keep working hard, Abbie. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, as always.

Name: Alex Mayers sports-betting.50webs.com Date: 2005-07-17
Email: alex_mm453@mail.com

Comments: Where are the updates? i cant seem to find them. But anyway, nice job.

Name: Gina Wataru Date: 2005-07-16
Email: RRW11467@AOL.COM

Comments: Hey Tiffany and family,Mucho Love and Prayers are sent to you from us.God is in control.Love ya,Gina

Name: Abby in Kentucky Date: 2005-07-16

Comments: Your family is in my prayers. Abby is so beautiful. God bless her.

Name: Sunni and Len Date: 2005-07-16

Comments: You’re an amazing one – little girl. Constant prayers are surrounding you and your loving family. smiles……and courage….

Name: James Beckett casino-play.50webs.com Date: 2005-07-16
Email: james194r@yahoo.com

Comments: really good one, but i would stick more with updating and fresh data. this will help a lot to play.

Name: Linda Date: 2005-07-15

Comments: Tiffany, you are such a blessing. God is watching over all of you.

Name: Dumlao Ohana Date: 2005-07-15

Comments: Tiffany, what you write in the updates are the feelings and expressions that many of us are not able to do so easly. You help us realize how strong mommies need to be for the whole family and also show us how we need to step back and get taken cared of too. You are one exceptional lady and the strength, faith and soul that you share is invaluable to us who read your words. Thank you for always sh…(trimmed)

Name: Travis and Melissa Brown Date: 2005-07-15
Email: bunchofbrowns@comcast.net

Comments: Dear Tiffany, Thank you for sharing your down days with us also. We continue to lift your family up in prayer. Just remember it is only through our weaknesses that we will be made strong.

Name: McCoy Family Date: 2005-07-14

Comments: We continue to pray for your family.. god bless you and give you peace. Abby is absolutely beautiful.

Name: Candice Date: 2005-07-14
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Tiffany, I cannot believe there is a lack of laughter in your house. Not with Crystal there! We truly thank God for bringing her and all the laughter that follows her into our lives. As for Miss Abbie, share those smiles with mommy, OK?

Name: Nebraska Date: 2005-07-14

Comments: Tiffany, my eyes just filled with tears for you and all you and your family have been through. I am so sorry for all your pain. You are a constant inspiration to us all!!

Name: Bonnie S Date: 2005-07-14

Comments: Tiffany, Ray and Family, my heart aches for the pain that you all have gone through. I cant imagine the path that you have walked..I can say that I can feel the Lord so near when I read your updates…You have so much strength and faith..We love you all and continue to pray for Abby , but also for you both as parents..For strength, for faith, for hope, for joy for your family. Love RBAB

Name: dawn & emily Date: 2005-07-14

Comments: keep impressing everyone abby! your such a smart girl!!

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-07-12

Comments: Abbie you rock!!! You amaze me with how strong you are. Power of prayer is so uplifting. Keep fighting lil one.

Name: Melissa Duke Date: 2005-07-12

Comments: Happy Birthday Crystal! Enjoy your summer! Love, The Dukes

Name: Melissa Duke Date: 2005-07-12
Email: thedukefam@msn.net

Comments: Hooray for you Abbie!You are such a little butterfly. We can’t wait to see you unfurl your wings and fly. We love you.

Name: Lori Gola Date: 2005-07-12
Email: purepleasure628@yahoo.com

Comments: I still check on you and pray for you Abby. I dont hear anything about you..just get what I read on here, but know you are in my thoughts, and I want what is best for you! I hope to be able to come see you someday. Hugs and Kisses Love you..

Name: Candice Date: 2005-07-11
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Oh, Miss Abbie! Was that YOU I heard yelling, “I can do it myself, Mommy!” It won’t be long now. Continue to work hard and bring on those mommy and daddy smiles. We’re all rooting for you!

Name: Dave & Hazel Date: 2005-07-11
Email: dkhp@msn.com

Comments: Keep moving forward with your progress, Abbie

Name: Aurora Date: 2005-07-11
Email: ahafe@houston.rr.com

Comments: Hi Precious Abbie and Family…We are praising God every night for what He has done and continues to do for and through you. Tiffany, I wish I were there to help you out…just know that you have a lot of support through prayer.

Name: keren Date: 2005-07-11
Email: kerenstonebraker@gmail.com

Comments: Ray & Tiffany, we have been talking about bringing our Abigail to visit Abbie for too long. Please let Abbie know that we WILL do it anytime she wants to. E-mail us as soon as Abbie is ready and wants to snuggle with a big soft lab. lots of love to all of you.

Name: bert Date: 2005-07-10
Email: roberta.walker@comcast.net

Comments: “Do not settle for a sign of life, but for FULNESS of life” Sorry! (it got cut off)

Name: Bert Walker Date: 2005-07-10
Email: roberta.walker@comcast.net

Comments: I just wanted to say what an incredible inspiration you are. You don’t know me, but I just wanted to encourage you with what you have been reading in Duet. regarding the Promise Land. I went to a new church today after 14 years at the same church. This was the message – “I no longer want you to pray for the natural, but to walk in the supernatural “Do not settle for a sign of life, but for …(trimmed)

Name: Kathy Noda Date: 2005-07-09

Comments: Dear Tiffany, Just had to tell you one more life that you and Abbie have touched. I don’t know if the name Joan Kuroda sounds familiar. She moved to Japan from Hawaii. She is a friend of Sandra Oda and mine as well. When Kaylin and Chelsea went to Waialae School, I met Joan as our girls went to Japanese School after regular school. Anyway, I often talked to her about the Lord and she seemed v…(trimmed)

Name: UZOAGBA http://www.ase.com Date: 2005-07-09
Email: UZOAGBA@yahoo.com


Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-07-08

Comments: That is wonderful news. You hang in there Abby. Always in my thoughts and prayers

Name: Lois Date: 2005-07-08
Email: ataedlm324@yahoo.com

Comments: Praise be for abby’s improvement. She has 3000 Lutheran ladies praying for her at the convention in San Antonio this week. Also Happy Birthday on Tuesday to Tom.

Name: Andi Creasman Date: 2005-07-07
Email: Creasmana@Allstatestech.com

Comments: I just want to Praise the Lord for what he doing and has done in Abbys Body. Thanks to Abby and her Mom for being an inspiration in my life at time of desperation. God continue to give you all the strenth you need.

Name: Clint Smith http://twotwentyfour.org/blog Date: 2005-07-07
Email: csmith@cfbc.org

Comments: Praise the Lord … Praise the Lord!!! I have been praying for you Abby & I will begin to thank the Lord for your healing. God is good … trustworthy … and faithful!!

Name: Candice Date: 2005-07-06
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Praise Him all creatures here below! Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts! Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost! AMEN!!! Good job, Abbie!!!

Name: Kathy Felix Date: 2005-07-06
Email: kathleenfelix@comcast.net

Comments: I thought of the word “stand” for you all. Here is some scripture about standing: Acts 26:16, Rom. 5:2, Eph. 6:13. Stand and walk, Abby. You have the authority of Jesus in you! Love to you all!

Name: Geri Date: 2005-07-06
Email: geridon101@aol.com

Comments: Abby,you are beautiful! May the Lord continue to bless and heal you!

Name: Bonnie Date: 2005-07-06

Comments: Abbie, I just read about how well you are doing and praised God for it.

Name: Annie Date: 2005-07-06

Comments: Praise God!!! I am so thankful that God has given us power over the crafty devil. He uses these situations with our sweet little girls and tries to place doubt in our minds. We know that God’s promises are true and that by the stripes of Jesus Christ they are healed, we are healed!!!! It is done. The manifestation is inevitable and I, like you, am amazed at every step toward the goal of 100%. …(trimmed)

Name: Emily Duke Date: 2005-07-06
Email: thedukefam@msn.net

Comments: Abbie, Good job walking! I miss you. I love you Abbie. Keep working hard and have fun trying to walk and laugh. Love, Emily

Name: The Suttons Date: 2005-07-05

Comments: Hope that everyone had a wonderful july 4th, and that Abby continues to get all better. We love you all rbab

Name: Your Friends In The Firehouse Date: 2005-07-05

Comments: Still following, just very busy, prayers out to you and yours congrats to the new addition to your tribe….

Name: Candice Date: 2005-07-05
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Happy Independence Day, Miss Abbie! Looking forward to the day the Lord liberates you from the effects of your accident. THEN you’ll see SOME celebration!!! Love you!

Name: friends in Caifornia Date: 2005-07-03

Comments: We are still here for Abby girl. Hear our prayers.

Name: friends in Caifornia Date: 2005-07-03

Comments: We are still here for Abby girl. Hear our prayers.

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-07-03

Comments: Hope all is well. Have a great holiday.

Name: friends Date: 2005-07-02

Comments: We are so glad you are home with your family. You are such a strong girl. We will continue to pray for you.

Name: :) Date: 2005-07-01

Comments: Hey Miss Abbie! You are amazing and such a trooper. Keep up the hard work! One day soon you’ll be running around with your family again….Lots of Love..

Name: Mary Date: 2005-07-01
Email: rmmeade@cox.net

Comments: Rest up, Abbie, and get better. And praying that you will also get some peaceful moments to rest, Tiffany. Take care.

Name: Ruben Vigil Date: 2005-07-01
Email: thallous201@aol.com

Comments: We live in Santa Fe NM I heard about abby through a friend of mine that is a pharmacist in SF, she used to work at Los Alamos medical center…

Name: Dumlao Ohana Date: 2005-07-01

Comments: Hi Abbie girl! Hope each day you are getting stronger and healthier! Make sure you sleep so you can grow! lots of kisses

Name: Michele Date: 2005-07-01

Comments: Hi Tiffany, Abbie and The Vara family, we are happy Abbie is home and we hope you have a restful holiday weekend. May the Lord’s Mercies and Blessing just flow & flow over all of you right down those Double Rainbows!!

[spoiler title=”August”]

Name: Kathy Felix Date: 2005-08-30
Email: kathleenfelix@comcast.net

Comments: Belated Happy Birthday, sweet little one! Don’t worry for anything because God has you in His big strong hands and you are safe and secure in the midst of any storm. Love to you all!

Name: Maureen.Rollhaus Date: 2005-08-30
Email: probemama@yahoo.com

Comments: Happy Birthday Abby! You are so beautiful and I know you are going to be such a beautiful ballerina! I know you are God’s special angel on this earth giving hope and encouragement to all. We love you and are praying for you.

Name: Juliana Tennberg Date: 2005-08-30
Email: jesus.ismyfriend@verizon.net

Comments: Happy Birthday Abby! We love you and are praying for you! You will be a beautiful ballerina dancer one day!!! Blessings, strength, peace, joy and hope on your amazing family….

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-08-29

Comments: We are praying for your hips and muscles Abbie.

Name: Nanci Date: 2005-08-28

Comments: Hi Abby Happy belated birthday. Praying for you everyday.

Name: Patricia Bufalini Date: 2005-08-28
Email: frogger@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Heyy, well i jsut wanted to share something with you that my mom left for me when she dropped me off at college in San Francisco…It read: Thought for the day: If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. If he had a wallet, your photo would be in it. He sends you flowers every spring. He sends you a sunrise every morning. Face it friend-He’s crazy about you. God didn’t promise days wi…(trimmed)

Name: Mary Date: 2005-08-28

Comments: Happy birthday, Abbie – a little bit late. We are praying for strong hips and flexible muscles – you will get there. All our love.

Name: Your Friends In The Firehouse Date: 2005-08-27

Comments: Hauoli La Hanau! Hope four is a wonderous year for your whole family. Prayers, still. God Bless.

Name: Angela D’Ambrosio Date: 2005-08-26
Email: adx21965@msn.com

Comments: Yes, prayer and God’s grace always comforts and directs our souls. Abbie continues to stay in our prayers, and for the whold family.

Name: Virginia Date: 2005-08-25
Email: dnwickersheim@hotmail.com

Comments: Blessings to you Abby on your 4th Birthday. Just know that I lift you up to the Father who knows your every cry and feals your pain. I had to ask the Lord to forgive me for grumbling over such small things in my life. Thanks for making me accountable. I am one of many who lifts you and your family to the father. Bless you, Virginia

Name: dawn & emily Date: 2005-08-25

Comments: happy belated birthday abby!

Name: Kenny Lee Date: 2005-08-25

Comments: Happy Birthday Abby! You are very strong and courageous.

Name: Your Sister In Christ (Kim in San Diego) Date: 2005-08-25

Comments: Happy Birthday Abby! Hope your birthday was wonderful! continuing to pray for you and your whole family esp. your mommy! and for your continued and extra healing for your hips legs and muscle tone – be strong in the Lord Abby and family!

Name: 😉 Date: 2005-08-25

Comments: When times get rough just remember James 1:2-3….

Name: Kathy in California Date: 2005-08-25
Email: klg@charter.net

Comments: Abbie-Happy Birthday-4 will be a wonderful year for you!Tiffany-Is.43:2 is another wonderful promise from our Dad-“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you.”Hold on-He is in control!!

Name: Shirley Stringer Date: 2005-08-25
Email: sstringer@cfbc.org

Comments: Happy belated Birthday, Abby! I know you had a great day,because of you great family! We are praying for you.

Name: Dumlao Ohana Date: 2005-08-25

Comments: HiAbbie! Happy,Happy Birthday! Did you get to see and blow out your candles? Did you get ballerina shoes for your dress? We are thinking of you! Hang in there mom and dad!

Name: The Chun Family Date: 2005-08-24

Comments: Happy Birthday to you Miss Abigail! We are celebrating with you on this wonderful day! We love you so much beautiful girl.

Name: Candice Date: 2005-08-24
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Jacob had a hip that was out of place and God left it that way as a reminder throughout his life of the time he wrestled with Him. If Abbie needs such a reminder of the trials she overcomes today so others may see God glorified in her healing, then is that all so bad? Just a thought…

Name: Trisha Jurgemeyer Date: 2005-08-24

Comments: Dearest Tiffany~ My thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray that Abbie will overcome the issues with her hips and muscle tone. I will say extra prayers for her…I know that God will answer in time. Stay the course…embrace your faith…let GOd carry you through. Abbie and God are not done showing others what they are made of. This is just the beginning of great things to come. God bless …(trimmed)

Name: Sue Date: 2005-08-24

Comments: Happy Birthday, Abbie! Yesterday was my birthday too. God Bless You! My prayers are with you and your family as they make the difficult decisions. Love and Hugs from Oregon.

Name: dorn Date: 2005-08-24

Comments: Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Abbie!

Name: Jason, Beki, Garrett, and Kelsey Warren Date: 2005-08-23
Email: beki_warren@yahoo.com

Comments: Happy Birthday, Abbie! God has been so good, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for this next year for you!! Love, The Warrens

Name: Becky and Alyssa Newman Date: 2005-08-23

Comments: Happy Birthday Abbie!!!

Name: melissa Date: 2005-08-23
Email: thedukefam@msn.com

Comments: Happy birthday sweet Abbie!I hope you have enjoyed your day to the fullest.We’re praying for new miracles daily for you big four-year-old girl. Love and miss you all so much. Love,The Dukes

Name: Candice Date: 2005-08-23
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: So it’s a bithday, is it? I pray you had a FUN time with your brothers and got to taste a bit of cake and ice cream. I think this year’s going to be special!!!

Name: Trisha J. Date: 2005-08-23

Comments: Happy Birthday Dear Heart. We are thinking of you on your special day. God bless you.

Name: the Yost’s Date: 2005-08-23
Email: yost2705@msn.com

Comments: Happy Birthday, Abigail Faith!!

Name: The Suttons Date: 2005-08-23

Comments: Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!Happy Birthday to Abby! Happy Birthday to you!!! We love you!!! RBAB

Name: Glenda ODonnell Date: 2005-08-23
Email: glenda.odonnell@blueyonder.co.uk

Comments: Happy 4th birthday Abbie hope you all have a peaceful day.

Name: Rachel Stonebraker Date: 2005-08-23

Comments: Happy Birthday to one birthday girl from another. We will be celebrating the Lord’s faithfulness to you, too. With love, Choochoo

Name: Riana Weaver Date: 2005-08-23
Email: rianaweaver@telkomsa.net

Comments: Happy 4th birthday Abigail. xxxxx

Name: The Carvers Date: 2005-08-23

Comments: Happy Birthday Abbie!!! We love you and can’t wait to see you and catch up on all of your progress. Give everyone a hug for us.

Name: Maggie Date: 2005-08-23

Comments: Happy Birthday Abbie!

Name: Karen Date: 2005-08-23
Email: kzondlo@zondlo.com

Comments: I believe best wishes are in order today for Abbie’s 4th birthday. Hope it’s a wonderful day! Love, John and Karen

Name: Nicole in Stockbridge, Ga Date: 2005-08-22
Email: my3swtboys@aol.com

Comments: my sister sent me the link to Abby’s site today. This past Saturday, my own child my 4 year old son nearly drowned in my mothers pool. He was unconscious and blue when we pulled him out but he was spontaniously breathing on his own. By the grace of God he is expected to have no lasting effects from his accident and today is doing awesome. We have been praising God for that. The reason Im sharing …(trimmed)

Name: Newman Date: 2005-08-22

Comments: Hi Vara family. Just checking in to say hi and let you all know i am still praying and thinking of you all.

Name: Mary Date: 2005-08-20

Comments: Tiffany and Abby you both are such an inspiration to this world Praise God

Name: Karen Date: 2005-08-19
Email: kzondlo@zondlo.com

Comments: Hi Tiffany and all, Praying for much progress by Abbie’s birthday next week. Hope you get your laptop fixed soon. Love, Karen

Name: Bernice Devargas Date: 2005-08-19

Comments: Abbie; So happy to hear you are doing so well. Keep up the good work

Name: amy Date: 2005-08-18

Comments: Abbie, I heard about you through word of mouth in Salem, Oregon. You are a beautiful girl with what seems to be the most loving family. I pray for you daily.

Name: afisher Date: 2005-08-15

Comments: I was so moved after visiting this website! What an adorable daughter Abbie is! I have 2 young daughters myself and I can only imagine how in a instant, your life changed. Before children, I taught multi-handicapped preschoolers and I remember how we would celebrate the little milestones they would reach, no matter how small. You are in my prayers and I hope that with each day, she reaches mi…(trimmed)

Name: jane Date: 2005-08-15
Email: nana4crafts@aol.com

Comments: Talked to Jetta today and they were taking Chuck into surgery at that time. Didn’t hear anything later. I pray that Abbie is feeling better today. Miracles happen daily!!!May God bless ALL your family.

Name: Vickie Date: 2005-08-15

Comments: Hi Abbie, did you ever get a puppy dog? I was sitting on my front porch yesterday when my neighbor walked by w/ a new dog. It was the cutest dog ever. I didn’t recognize the breed. It was large w/ black curly hair and adorable ears. It was a Labradoodle! I was just wondering if you got one yet, maybe I missed the message about that. Hope you’re having a terrific Monday!

Name: Candice Date: 2005-08-14
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Hi Miss Abbie! It’s so wonderful your parents’ friends were able to “see you in action!” I know how much I cherish the rare glimpse of your dimple. To see you so excited and responsive must have been a moment they’ll treasure in their hearts for a long time. Keep up the great work!

Name: Riana Weaver Date: 2005-08-14
Email: rianaweaver@telkomsa.net

Comments: Hope you are all well. Thinking of you ….. xxxxx

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-08-14

Comments: Abbie you are doing so good kiddo. You sure have come along ways this past year.You are in my prayers always.

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-08-14

Comments: Abbie you are doing so good kiddo. You sure have come along ways this past year.You are in my prayers always.

Name: Jane Date: 2005-08-13
Email: Nana4crafts@aol.com

Comments: I am a friend of Jetta and Chuck. They are how I found you, and a deeper faith in the Lord.God bless you all. Miracles happen every day!Will continue my prayers for Abbie and now for Chuck, too.

Name: Cheryl Desko Date: 2005-08-13
Email: rdesko@bresnan.net

Comments: Dearest Vara family, We can not even begin to tell you all how great it was to see you! I knew that I missed you but wasn’t aware of how much until we left you!! We continue to lift each of you in our prayers. We love you! The Deskos

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-08-11

Comments: Thinking and praying for you all

Name: Nanci Date: 2005-08-11

Comments: Hi Abby, I;m thinking of you everyday.

Name: lisa http://www.madisonfaith.com Date: 2005-08-11
Email: lring00@yahoo.com

Comments: Abby is so beautiful. I love her fighting spirit and yours! Big brothers are a HUGE blessing, I know, I’ll pray for them as well.

Name: Debra Date: 2005-08-11

Comments: Happy thoughts are coming your way. We think of you all and pray daily for Abbie!

Name: Kathleen Felix and Amanda Date: 2005-08-10
Email: kathleenfelix@comcast.net

Comments: I’m praying for your eyesite to be restored, sweet Abby. My daughter likes to pretend that you and her are penpals. She wants to visit you. She is four and loves you! We are with you in spirit.

Name: Angela D’Ambrosio Date: 2005-08-10
Email: adx21965@msn.com

Comments: Praise God in His mercy and grace. What great news about the walker for therapy. I’ll keep praying as always for dear sweet Abbie and for her loving family.

Name: Tammy Madden http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/m/miraclemegan Date: 2005-08-08
Email: geneandtammy@charter.net

Comments: Hello. I have been going over these pages and I would love to know how to get ahold of these parents and know abbie’s story. this is my baby’s web site i put on here. she had a massive heart attack before heart transplant. her brain injury was so bad we was told she would be a vegtable forever. God showed them!! Please, I beg of you to give them my e-mail address. I have no idea what happened to A…(trimmed)

Name: The Suttons Date: 2005-08-08

Comments: Just checking in and praising the Lord for all the healing taking place…love rbab

Name: Virginia Date: 2005-08-07
Email: dnwickersheim@hotmail.com

Comments: God is so awesome.I am so excited everytime I read your update about the new things God is providing for Abbie. Here’s a good psalm for you Psalm 139:17 How precious it is, lord, to realize that you are thinking about me constantly/ I can’t even count how many times a day your thoughts turn towards me. (abby and the whole vara family) I pray that the fullness of Christ will be realized in peoples…(trimmed)

Name: Nebraska Date: 2005-08-04

Comments: As always, prayers and love are with you all! Would LOVE to see a new picture of our Abby-girl!!!

Name: Your Friends In The Firehouse Date: 2005-08-03

Comments: Just wanted to say we are all atill pulling for you. Keep the spark, that spark of devotion and love and faith.

Name: Sue Searles Date: 2005-08-03

Comments: I continue to lift up your Abbie and your family in prayer. You are an amazing Mama Tiffany!

Name: Angela D’Ambrosio Date: 2005-08-02
Email: adx21965@msn.com

Comments: Oh Abbie, I’m so glad that your mommy trusts God and rejoices in His goodness. Reading your story helps me to cope with my own stuff. My baby grandson who is nine months now (he’s the one who was 1 lb 7 oz at birth) has just been put into eyeglasses after two pair of CONTACT LENSES were lost. I don’t know how they were even able to put him in the contacts, but Childrens Hospital in San Diego is wo…(trimmed)

[spoiler title=”September”]

Name: Shirley Stringer Date: 2005-09-28
Email: sstringer@cfbc.org

Comments: First of all, thank you for the prayers for our church family at CFBC, Houston. We could feel God’s loving arms around us as we watched ‘RITA’ turn away from us. But so many others were in her path. So glad to hear about all of Abby’s new accomplishments. We are praying for Abby and her family as they all go through this time together. Love,

Name: Dumlao Ohana Date: 2005-09-28

Comments: Wow Abbie, your mommy (and the rest of your family) sounds so excited about all the things you are accomplishing! Keep it going…the babies are cheering “here we go Abbie, here we go!”

Name: KALU Date: 2005-09-27
Email: nwatono@mumu.com

Comments: mumugummmmmmmmmugum

Name: Bud, Keren & Girls Date: 2005-09-25
Email: stonebraker@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: wow! way to go Abbie! It has been a long time since we’ve seen you, but you have become a part of us as we praise God for His work in you. Lots of love, 4 little girls who are waiting to play with you

Name: Alyssa Date: 2005-09-25

Comments: Hi Abbie my mommy usually writes to you. I am so happy to see you are better. I like your pictures you are a cutie. I hope you keep feeling better.

Name: Lisa Kenney Date: 2005-09-24
Email: mlkenney@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: We continue to pray for you. Thanks for the photos and wonderful updates! I pray one day Josie and Kirsten will get to play with Abbie!

Name: Melissa Brown Date: 2005-09-23
Email: bunchofbrowns@comcast.net

Comments: It is so good to see new pictures of Abbie. We continue to remember your family in prayer. Hang in there!

Name: Nanalee Date: 2005-09-23
Email: eeyorerules00@hotmail.com

Comments: I saw this on another website for a 6 year old boy suffering from cancer. I thought it was very nice. Hope you like it. Not sure who wrote it. “From Pain To Praise” From sickness we learn to know God’s healing. From sorrow we learn to experience God’s comfort. From need we learn to wait for God’s provision From weakness we learn to draw upon God’s strength. From loneliness we…(trimmed)

Name: Debra Date: 2005-09-23

Comments: I have a friend who is working on her PhD in music & she mentioned music therapy as a treatment for brain injuries. I googled it & here’s a link http://www.jbmusic.ca/braininjury.htm There is a lot of other info online also. Hope this helps!

Name: Candice Date: 2005-09-21
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Tiffany, as soon as I read your prayer request, I shot up a quick plea and was reminded of how good God is that we are praying for something as simple as her stoma to close. How very far she has come! Praise God! We look forward to seeing what He will do next!

Name: virginia Date: 2005-09-20
Email: dnwickersheim@hotmail.com

Comments: She’s one miraculous kid. There’s so much life in those eyes and you are so right, i see a smile coming. Amazing love thats how I see it. He has done great things, bless his holy name, I say BLess The Lord.

Name: The Noey Family Date: 2005-09-20

Comments: Abbie looks beautiful! We continue to check on her and praise God for the progress she is making!

Name: Bonnie Date: 2005-09-20

Comments: Tiffany, I love the new pictures..I can see so much improvement in her expression and her eyes since the last time that we saw Abby. Way to go Abby! Love RBAB

Name: melissa Date: 2005-09-20
Email: thedukefam@msn.com

Comments: Abbie, you beautiful girl,you’ve grown so much this summer. Your pictures are lovely. I can’t wait to hear from Hannah all about seeing you. You’re always in our prayers. Love,The Dukes

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-09-19

Comments: Praise God !!!! Always in my prayers. The new pics are so cute.

Name: Cheryl Desko Date: 2005-09-19
Email: rdesko@bresnan.net

Comments: Our Sweet Abby, You look absolutely beautiful in your pictures. We miss all of you so much, it was great seeing you guys! Tiffany, you are awesome!! Give those boys and Crystal a hug for us. Have some great pics of you all from our visit! Love ya, the Deskos

Name: Odas Date: 2005-09-19

Comments: Abbie and Vara family, We love you and continue to lift you up to the Lord of Lords.

Name: Cindy Date: 2005-09-19

Comments: PRAISE GOD! So glad to hear that everything is going so well!!! Thanks for posting the pictures! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten and she really looks like her Daddy!

Name: Vicki Date: 2005-09-17

Comments: What a beautiful little girl! Thanks so much for the adorable picture & the update! I rejoice in hearing about Abbie’s progress.

Name: onyeori http://www.onyeori.com Date: 2005-09-17
Email: onyeori@maga.com

Comments: i love this site so keep it for meoooooo

Name: Robin Date: 2005-09-16
Email: robinvercellino@yahoo.com

Comments: I pray that you get well very soon! your sister in christ… *-Robin-*

Name: Andi Date: 2005-09-16
Email: puplover@speednetllc.com

Comments: i am so glad you are doing so well

Name: Your Sisiter in Christ (Kim in San Diego) Date: 2005-09-16

Comments: Wow abby! such great news about your progress!! We just continue to Praise God for you and your family and Esp. your mommy who shares so much with all of us. Tiffany I just thought of a Christian company that has a line of nutritional supplements that you may be interested in looking into – they are fabulous and when you read about the testimonials from people who have been taking them and been “…(trimmed)

Name: dawn & emily Date: 2005-09-16

Comments: abby your doing awesome!! keep on talkin for everyone!!

Name: Tarumoto family Date: 2005-09-16
Email: wlspring@lava.net

Comments: We will continue standing with you in prayer for His Way and His Best for your wonderful family!

Name: Karen Date: 2005-09-15
Email: kzondlo@zondlo.com

Comments: Hi Tiffany and all, What great pictures! It’s so good to see Abbie again. Glad the Carvers could visit. It looks like much progress is going on. Bless the Lord for that. Love, Karen

Name: annie Date: 2005-09-15
Email: prayforizzy@swbell.net

Comments: Abbie looks so great!!! I’m so happy to hear so many good things happening for her. God is GOOD… ALL the time!!!

Name: Test Date: 2005-09-15

Comments: Just testing how to post

Name: Gail Date: 2005-09-15
Email: mama2acrew@aol.com

Comments: The website for more info on the natural vs medication treatment I talked about is www.hacres.com.

Name: Gail Date: 2005-09-15
Email: mama2acrew@aol.com

Comments: I submitted an entry to the guest book yesterday and noticed it was on the site just briefly– any reason why?

Name: Gail Date: 2005-09-14
Email: mama2acrew@aol.com

Comments: oops, the website is www.hacres.com

Name: Gail Date: 2005-09-14
Email: mama2acrew@aol.com

Comments: I have been following Abby’s prgress for over a year now and find your updates so uplifting and encouraging and I am in awe of your strength and awesone faith. I read the latest one about Dr Tennent and wondered if you had looked into the Hallelujah philosophy. I have read a few of the books and have actually tried some of the products and can not tell you how much healthier I feel. There is a …(trimmed)

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-09-14

Comments: Checking in. You are all always in my thoughts and prayers.

Name: Virginia Date: 2005-09-12
Email: dnwickersheim@hotmail.com

Comments: You have been in my thoughts and prayers for the past week. When I read about your son, the Lord gave me this scripture. Psalms 91:ll He will give His angels charge concerning you. To guard you in all your ways. This really stood out to me , Those angels willbear you up in there hands if you strike your foot against a stone (we know what that would feal like) How comforting to know he sends ange…(trimmed)

Name: The Suttons Date: 2005-09-10

Comments: Just checking — continuing to pray! Love RBAB

Name: Dumlao Ohana Date: 2005-09-09

Comments: We continue to say in our prayers every night “Bless Abbie and her family”. Thanks for opening our eyes to new therapies and treatments, how exciting!

Name: Debra Date: 2005-09-07

Comments: Thanks for sharing your wonderful blessings of new treatment options for Abbey. We will continue to pray!

Name: Sandy in St. Louis http://thesarahjanestory.com Date: 2005-09-06
Email: sandra@smithlee.com

Comments: Bless you and your family. Our 4 yr. old is in similar condition due to a prolonged sz. I can relate so much! We did HBOT and are doing lite gait too.

Name: rhonda Date: 2005-09-06
Email: rhonda.jerman@lexisnexis.com

Comments: May God bless and heal Abby and your entire family. What is the name of the plankton product you mentioned?

Name: Suzanne Pritchett Date: 2005-09-05

Comments: tiffany, just a thought. as a pharmacist and a mom, i’ve found that the reditabs (claritin) actually are less offensive tasting than the syrups (zyrtec or claritin). also, it can go in her mouth NOW!!! :-) it has a different sensation that she may or may not like, but my kids did real well with them! your entries inspire me and encourage me so much. thank you. also, would you go over your ps…(trimmed)

Name: Terrie McCue Date: 2005-09-05
Email: tmccue5@verizon.net

Comments: Dear Vara Family, We are friends of the Garguilo’s. We loved seeing your boys at their home. We continue to pray for Abby and we are thankful Chase is okay. Much aloha to you, Terrie and John McCue

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-09-05

Comments: Thank God Chase is ok. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Name: maga Date: 2005-09-05
Email: maga@ete.com

Comments: please try onye ozo

Name: Cheryl Desko Date: 2005-09-02
Email: rdesko@bresnan.net

Comments: Dearest Vara’s, You all are forever in our prayers. Chase, we are so glad that you are O.K. How frightening! And baby Abby, happy belated birthday. We have some great photos of you and your family from our visit. I’ll send them soon. We also have some dear friends in the Gulf Coast area since we lived there for 5 years, so we join you in request for uplifting prayer for everyone there. God Ble…(trimmed)

Name: Trisha Jurgemeyer Date: 2005-09-02

Comments: First of all, Praise God for being with Chase the day of his accident. God is good! I am thankful that Chase is okay…God bless him. I am terribly interested in the new therapies that Abbie is embarking on…there is so much untapped knowledge out there. I, too, help that through Abbie the word can get out with regards to alternate forms of treatment. Absolutely amazing. Thank yo for sharing a…(trimmed)

Name: Candice Date: 2005-09-02
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Prayers being offered for both Abbie and Chase. Praise God he wasn’t more seriously hurt and that friends were brought to the scene quickly to reassure all involved. God bless you for your heart for the driver. Your journey has strengthened you!

[spoiler title=”October”]

Name: Tiffany Date: 2005-10-31

Comments: We’re still here, and there are a couple updates in the chute, but Webmaster Michelle was travelling due to the unexpected death of her mother, and then Wilma arrived at her house in Florida before she did – please pray for her family! Abbie rode a pony tonight at our church’s fall festival!! Pictures to follow!

Name: Mary & Roger Date: 2005-10-30

Comments: Hi to Abbie and family from AZ! Glad to hear you are continuing to work hard. Sending our love…

Name: jeannine Date: 2005-10-28
Email: jeanninegay@yahoo.com

Comments: Tiffany, I dont know if you have had time to go on Maggie’s web site, but she is now in heaven. No more suffering for her praise God. Can’t wait to see how your Abbie is doing!

Name: Tiffany Date: 2005-10-26

Comments: I should be able to post updates again soon. Things are GREAT! Therapy session are very enjoyable now as we watch Abbie improve weekly. Her vision is also improving notably as well – Praise God! Please pray for Maggie May and her family (www.curemaggie.com)

Name: John L. Conwell Date: 2005-10-25
Email: john_l_conwell@myway.com

Comments: Ray, Tiffany Abby and boys. I am praying for you all. I love the precious pictures of abby. Keep on keepin on. Love, John and Valora

Name: dawn & emily Date: 2005-10-25
Email: dd0679@msn.com

Comments: hi sweetie, glad to hear all is well, your really making awesome progress, keep up the good work :)

Name: Tiffany Date: 2005-10-24

Comments: Abbie had a check-up today and all is well! Please, please go to www.curemaggie.com. We’ve been following this brave little girl, and her journey is nearing its end. Please send them your prayers! Abbie and I are strolling under blue skies every morning and marvelling at the goodness of God.

Name: Lee Alden Johnson Date: 2005-10-24
Email: leealdenjohnson@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Still here and still praying for Abby and for each of you in the family. You are each an inspiration. Love and blessings, Lee

Name: wendy hoffman Date: 2005-10-24
Email: gordonhoffman@hotmail.com

Comments: Hello from New Mexico. We’re hoping things are going well and are anxiously awaiting an update. Miss Abbie looks like a glamour girl in her bath time fashion! Lots of Love from the NM Hoffmans…

Name: dawn & emily Date: 2005-10-24

Comments: i got a weird call today from a man trying to fax to honolulu hawaii!! wrong # but it came across as a sign that good things are coming abby’s way. funny thing is, our # is no where close to any in hawaii , we are in Massachusetts!

Name: Linda Date: 2005-10-23
Email: gadnilmom@yahoo.com

Comments: Jesus loves you Abby! Our entire Wed. nite kids ministry keeps updated on your progress. We have prayed and asked your creator to move His mighty hand in your life and in the lives of all who love and pray for you. God’s mighty blessings be upon you!

Name: virginia Date: 2005-10-22
Email: dnwickersheim@hotmail.com

Comments: The Lord is so good to bring abby to my rememberance often, to remind me to pray continueously, and watch his handwork. When I don’t see a post, I just know that all is well, and rest in his peace knowing that he watching over the vara family. I sure hope to meet you someday. God Bless, Virginia

Name: Angela D’Ambrosio Date: 2005-10-22
Email: adx21965@msn.com

Comments: Hi Tiffany,it’s always a spiritual boost to visit your web site. Your faith strengthens and inspires me. As I walk through the challenges of my life, I think of Abbie and of you and Ray. Abbie is always in my prayers. God Bless the whole Vara family

Name: Karen Date: 2005-10-21
Email: kzondlo@zondlo.com

Comments: Hey Tiffany, Thanks for the heads up on the updates. I was hoping and praying everything was OK. Love, Karen

Name: Paul Wood Date: 2005-10-21
Email: woodp001@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Dear Abbie and Family, dont stop fighting, god works in great ways just keep praying. I have Faith, God will answer your prayers, just remember, Abbie is God’s child and he has a plan for Abbie. I will say a prayer for Abbie and her family. God Bless

Name: Tiffany Date: 2005-10-21

Comments: Hi! I had a wonderful surprise Weds, Michelle (the webmaster) and her husband showed up at our small group! They are unexpectedly visiting from FL. So, no updates will be posted until next week. Lots of GREAT things happening though. She is changing every day, and we are rejoicing!

Name: Keith Date: 2005-10-21
Email: slc83@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Abbie & family, Your courage and faith are inspiring. May the Lord continue his watch over you.

Name: Michele Date: 2005-10-21

Comments: Hey All, I had the chance to go back thru alot of the updates, the journey, and I am so amazed at the healing and growing that has taken place, it is all so much. Abbie you are so sweet and I hope we get to meet you someday! Have a nice weekend.

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-10-20

Comments: Hi Vara family. Just checking in to see how things are going. You are all always in my thoughts and prayers.

Name: Candice Date: 2005-10-20
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Hi Miss Abbie! We’re back from vacation and thought I’d check up on you. No news is good news! You’re doing well, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Name: dawn & emily Date: 2005-10-17

Comments: abby your doing awesome!! keep up the good work sweetie!!

Name: The Suttons Date: 2005-10-17

Comments: Just checking in, and excited about abby trying to sit up! Everyone is in our prayers. Love RBAB

Name: Debbie Date: 2005-10-16

Comments: Dear Abby and Family, I just learned of you from Mothers of Miracles. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Name: Cheryl Desko Date: 2005-10-15
Email: rdesko@bresnan.net

Comments: Dear Abby: I haven’t read about you in a while and boy have you made progress. We are all so proud of you!! Tiffany, you never cease to amaze me-you are terrific! Love to all, The Deskos

Name: Lamc Pharmacy Date: 2005-10-13

Comments: Hey guys just wanted to say hello to all and hope things are doing good.

Name: Candyce Avella http://www.freeloadmp3.com/ Date: 2005-10-11
Email: Branda5555@sbcglobal.net

Comments: My sister Samantha was involved in a terrible car accident on April 8th. We were told her brain injuries were to severe for her to survive. Well, she is still here with us today. It is due to Sami’s strength and God’s will, that we still have her here today. I say a prayer for Sami everyday, and I will include Abby!!! God Bless you and your entire family. Candyce

Name: The Noey Family Date: 2005-10-09

Comments: We can’t believe how wonderful Abbie looks and how far she has come on this journey. God is amazing. We continue to pray for little blessings and miracles each day.

Name: Susan Covey http://www.prayforkelsey.com Date: 2005-10-09
Email: prayforkelsey@gmail.com

Comments: We just wanted to let you know we will be praying healing scriptures for your precious child. We too are walking in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. My 7 month old granddaughter, Kelsey, was diagnosed with stage IV adrenal cancer. A healing touch from the Lord is all we can and are hoping for. I do know that it is God’s will for these precious children to be healed. We will lift Abby up daily to…(trimmed)

Name: Candice Date: 2005-10-07
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Tiffany, the Lord speaks to all of us through you. Thank you for sharing your journey and the lessons learned along the way. To Miss Abbie: You are such a strong little angel. Hold onto your filament of hope and trust the light of God’s healing power to guide you back to health.

Name: Becky Date: 2005-10-07

Comments: Sounds like Abbie is making great progress. Keep it up Abbie. Always in my thoughts and prayers.

Name: Jan Taylor Date: 2005-10-06
Email: jan_taylor@acordia.com

Comments: Been awhile since I touched little Abby with a prayer. Her progress is magnified when related by her grandpa Tom. He loves to share his precious granddaughters steps in glowing terms! What a blessing these witnesses are. God is at work if only we recognize Him. God Bless you Abby and your dear family.Loving thoughts are going your way.

Name: Michele Date: 2005-10-04

Comments: Tiffany, the way you share your heart and soul, moves me to tears but after leaves me renewed in Spirit and mind. You and Abbie are pencils in His hand and the story He is writing is everything good.

Name: Mary Tsunemoto Date: 2005-10-04

Comments: Abbie, we are so glad that you and your family is our church family. We get to see first hand “How Great is Our God!” We are praying.

Name: :) Date: 2005-10-04

Comments: Tears come to my eyes as I read your updates A.T.-Abbie’s spin on this story will be an amazing one..we just have to wait for God’s timing.

Name: Kathy Felix Date: 2005-10-03
Email: kathleenfelix@comcast.net

Comments: Abby’s Mommy, you are a pillar of strength to so many people reading of your walk with the Lord through this trial. You always speak of what the Lord is doing and His strength comes forth in your feelings. I thank you for sharing your faith. Abby is truly being used as an evangelist already, showing forth God’s kingdom. Can’t wait to see what God does next! Blessings and love to you!

Name: John Belew Date: 2005-10-02
Email: john.belew@us.army.mil

Comments: Dear God, Abby is a gift from you Lord and I pray that you bless her right now with your healing power. Let your healing of Abby be an awesome visible sign of your grace and power. Lord, let it be your will that Abby is healed. Let her walk this earth as a gift from you and a testimony of your grace. Show this world thru the healing of Abby that you are God! Lord wrap your arms around Abby and b…(trimmed)

Name: Becky Date: 2005-10-01

Comments: Hi Abbie just checking in on you. You are all in my prayers.

[spoiler title=”November”]

Name: Christine Date: 2005-11-30

Comments: Someone told me about your website. All praise be to God. Your story instills hope in others that with God, all is possible. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Name: Name: Debra Date: 2005-11-30

Comments: Love the update! Way to go!

Name: Elna Masuda and family Date: 2005-11-29
Email: emasuda@straub.net

Comments: Abbie and the Vara family, Thank you for your uplifting story. Your faith and strength is talked about in the Bible. We all should learn to do the same, everyday.

Name: Larry Date: 2005-11-29
Email: bcer415@yahoo.ca

Comments: God be with you Abby Keep smiling Honey

Name: The Matsumotos Date: 2005-11-28
Email: pattimats@verizon.net

Comments: Wow is right! Praise God for His faithfulness! What a wonderful Thanksgiving! We rejoice with you in this victory!

Name: Candice Date: 2005-11-26
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Miss Abbie! We are so proud of you! Praise God for this glimpse into the wonders He has in store for you! Oh Lord, give us patience as You do Your work. Thank you for wrapping Abbie in Your healing power! You are worthy of all glory, honor and praise! Amen!

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-11-24

Comments: WOW!!!! Abbie you are doing wonderful. Being able to identify colors is a huge step. I am so proud of you. PRAISE GOD….

Name: The Ryan family Date: 2005-11-24
Email: navychaplain@hotmail.com

Comments: Abbie, we are so proud of you and all your progress! And knowing your colors so well!! You’re a strong, smart, and brave little girl! We continue to pray for you and your family!

Name: Lisa Kenney Date: 2005-11-24

Comments: Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Mahalo for the wonderful updates! It is nice to hear our prayers being answered. My younger girls still remember Abbie in their prayers at night.

Name: Patti Date: 2005-11-23
Email: sypatheticvibration@mac.com

Comments: I’ve been following Abby’s progress since the accident, and how wonderful to have such progress to be thankful for this year!

Name: virginia Date: 2005-11-23
Email: dnwickersheim@hotmail.com

Comments: I rejoice with you and your family. Hallelu, Praise God, We are believing with you for new things every morning. Blessings, Virginia

Name: Nancy Date: 2005-11-23
Email: nancy.kelley@navy.mil

Comments: Wow! I just read the updated status about Abby learning colors! I have a daughter her age and she just learned colors as well. GREAT accomplishment! This is a wonderful sign.

Name: Stonebraker Family Date: 2005-11-23
Email: kerenstonebraker@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours, dear Varas. I can’t wait for the girls to come home to let them know how their prayers are being answered! Thank you for giving us one more reason to be thankful this day and always. Give Abbie our love.

Name: Team Henning Date: 2005-11-23

Comments: I understand the WOW, that is what I kept saying to myself as I read. Little Abbie knows colors and we are rejoicing with you!! Happy Thanksgiving Vara Family!!

Name: =) Date: 2005-11-23

Comments: Dear Abbie, Good job on your colors. Keep on chuggin, everyone is soo proud of you and can’t wait to see what the next big step is going to be…

Name: Your Sister in Christ (Kim in San Diego) Date: 2005-11-23

Comments: Way to go Abbie!! We’re praising God for all his good works and we are so happy to hear that your eyesight is improving and to hear that you definitely know and can SEE all your colors! My daughter is also a bit jealous that you got to go horse back riding with her Uncle Joe – you look like you were having so much fun on that pony! – Keep up the good work Abbie!

Name: Karen Date: 2005-11-23
Email: kzondlo@zondlo.com

Comments: Hi Tiffany and all, I just read your note about the colors! It brings tears to my eyes to read about the progress Abbie and all of you are making. Thank God for your mom and her incredible gift that helped Abbie demonstrate she is really there! Love, Karen

Name: Bonnie Date: 2005-11-23

Comments: The only thing I can think to say is God is so amazing in his goodness! Praising and praying with you all. We love you RBAB

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-11-22

Comments: Abbie you are doing so well. All of us here in Oregon are praying for you. To the Vara family i wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

Name: virginia Date: 2005-11-22
Email: dnwickersheim@hotmail.com

Comments: We serve an amazing God. When I read your post, I was just smiling and lapping up all of the goodness of God. You so inspire me…most of all I rejoice in your miracles. God Bless your thanksgiving with your precious family, I know he already has. Love Virginia

Name: Kathy Felix Date: 2005-11-22

Comments: We are thankful to God for the wonderful blessing you all are. Abby and family, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love and blessings.

Name: Dorn Date: 2005-11-22

Comments: Abbie girl, you ROCK! Keep up the good work. I just know that God’s healing hands are upon you! My best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful and joyous holiday season! :)

Name: The Patton’s Date: 2005-11-22

Comments: During this “Thanksgiving Season”; we ALL have so much to be thankful for: Our awesome God, our family,….everything. Tiff – you have been able to minister and touch soooo many lives with your beautiful daughter and you strength in our Lord! What a blessing to all of us. (Thank-you for all that you share so openly!)

Name: Karen Date: 2005-11-22
Email: kzondlo@zondlo.com

Comments: Hey Everyone, At this Thanksgiving time we thank God for Abbie’s life and presence with you. We also thank God for all of you and all the progress Abbie has made. Be blessed this week. Love, John and Karen

Name: Austin, Suzette, Ashlyn and Logan Date: 2005-11-18
Email: austinhenderson@sbcglobal.net

Comments: Hello little Abby!! I have just been re-reading your story from the very beginning and I am truly amazed at the progress you have made. What a strong girl and strong fighter you are. We all have so much to learn from you!! Keep up the good work. Love-Austin, Suzette, Ashlyn and Logan

Name: Crystal Date: 2005-11-17
Email: vara@hawaii.edu

Comments: Abbie is so awesome. She’s gonna be taking a ballet soon!! =)

Name: dawn & emily Date: 2005-11-17

Comments: WOW! abbie you are doing awesome, keep at it!!!!

Name: Li Date: 2005-11-16
Email: luvli814@hotmail.com

Comments: Dear Abbie…I know your Uncle Kevin and I just wanted to share something I read with you….”God keeps his promises, and he will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm; at the time you are put to the test, he will give you the strength to endure it, and so provide you with a way out.” God Bless you and your family little one :)

Name: Erin Stinchfield McRae Date: 2005-11-16
Email: gmcrae@easystreet.com

Comments: Tiffany and Family Still praying and thinking of you everyday. So wonderful to see the progress baby Abby is making!

Name: Candice Date: 2005-11-14
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Hi Miss Abbie! It’s been wonderful reading all you’ve been doing. I, myself, have just been healed of a nagging pain in my arm, so I know God heals! Not all of a sudden, but as in my case, a little more every day. I pray this for you, little angel. One day at a time!

Name: the Yost’s Date: 2005-11-13
Email: yost2705@msn.com

Comments: Tiffany – I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend full of naps and giddy laughter. We are delighted to hear all of Abbie’s latest news. God’s provision is so good. – Amy

Name: melissa sandy and harvey Date: 2005-11-12
Email: melissakirch@hotmail.com

Comments: I just wanted to say hi and we love you all and miss you your family in ohio.Hi princess abby i love you.

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-11-12

Comments: Miss Abbie it is so great to read how well you are doing.Every time i read an update it touches my heart. Tiffany i hope you have a great weekend. God Bless your wonderful family!!!

Name: Uncle Tim & Auntie Lo Date: 2005-11-11

Comments: Dear Abbie, It is so great to see you up on the horse. You are in our prayers. We love you.

Name: mallory mcdaniel Date: 2005-11-10
Email: mallorymcdaniel43@hotmail.com

Comments: were praying cant whate to get more news!!!

Name: Kathy Felix Date: 2005-11-10
Email: kathleenfelix@comcast.net

Comments: Ride ’em cowgirl! What fun to ride a pony. You have many more fun times in store for you and your family. All Glory and Honor to the Lord for what precious gifts He has in store for you and your family! Love and blessings!

Name: Candice Date: 2005-11-09
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Ride ’em cowgirl!!! Abbie, you amaze me!

Name: Beth Date: 2005-11-09
Email: bhoogstr84@yahoo.com

Comments: I am so happy that Abby is doing so well… I just learned of your story and spent the whole morning wrapped up in your wonderful site for her. Just wanted to send my prayers your way! God Bless Abby, yourself, and all that surrounds your amazing family!

Name: Kathy Date: 2005-11-09
Email: kat8100@ricochet.com

Comments: Way to go Abbie. You look so big riding the horse and you are such a testimony to God’s miracles. We will pray for you every day!

Name: Aurora Hafer Date: 2005-11-09
Email: ahafer@houston.rr.com

Comments: OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I LOVE YOUR PICTURES, MISS ABIGAIL!!!! I’ve been keeping up with you, just haven’t written in a while. Praise God for your progress!!!! Much love, The Hafers

Name: Aunt Lori Date: 2005-11-08
Email: PurePleasure628@yahoo.com

Comments: Hi Abby and all, checking in to read on Abby..hope all is going well. Luv to all. Hugs and Kisses to everyone Sis

Name: tammy arguijo Date: 2005-11-08
Email: tammyarguijo@yahoo.com

Comments: I was in pogo.com when i came across this story My heart goes out to Abby and her family and we will pray for you all.

Name: Gayleen Nelson Date: 2005-11-07
Email: sgnelson@shaw.ca

Comments: It’s great to hear of all the little steps that Abbie is taking. I have been praying that God would contune to work miracles in Abbie’s life whether big or small. We also pray for strenght and health for the whole family. God Bess

Name: dawn & emmie Date: 2005-11-07

Comments: abbie you are AWESOME!!! & so is your family for gettin you this far 😉

Name: The Warren Family Date: 2005-11-06
Email: beki_warren@yahoo.com

Comments: Wow, what amazing accomplishments Abbie is making! God is so good! We’re praying that her wonderful progress will continue.

Name: Candice Date: 2005-11-05
Email: chingc021@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Hello, Miss Abbie! It’s been a long time, and boy — have you been busy! I, too, am looking forward to seeing pictures of your pony ride! Keep up the good work, Abbie-girl! You are truly a conqueror!

Name: Mary & Roger Date: 2005-11-05

Comments: So many new feats, Miss Abbie…keep up the good work. Love and prayers from AZ…

Name: Kristy G Date: 2005-11-05

Comments: WOW!! Thank you God! Its so wonderful to hear the incredible gains, and yes they are INCREDIBLE! Sounds like our little Paneola (Hawaiin cowgirl) is ready for theraputic horse back riding! Just call me, Auntie Maggie (who is also an OT) has been bugging me for 18mo to get her hands on your precious little one! hugs K

Name: Becky Date: 2005-11-05

Comments: Abbie girl you just keep on amazing me with your recovery. You are such a strong little one. Just keep on amazing us all!! You are all in my prayers.

Name: Angela D’Ambrosio Date: 2005-11-04
Email: adx21965@msn.com

Comments: It is so good to hear about the continued progress Miss Abby is making. I always feel very uplifted after I’ve checked in on Abby’s hard work and her loving parents deep faith. Hard to believe that it’s 18 months. I’ve been here almost from the beginning. Thank you for sharing. My prayers continue on Abby’s behalf. What a little trooper!!

Name: Brian Date: 2005-11-04
Email: dragonslayer@mchsi.com

Comments: abby and family i wish yuot he best of luck and you will always be in my prayers…keep up the good work

Name: Ginny Hamilton Date: 2005-11-04
Email: ginny_eh@shaw.ca

Comments: God Bless you and your family and lil’ Abby. I am blessed with her updated reports and pictures. Our prayers will continue! Check out this story on www.dralex.net. You will be encouraged.

Name: Your Sister in Christ (Kim in San Diego) Date: 2005-11-04

Comments: Praise God for you Abbie and for all he’s doing in you!! – keep up the good work and please tell your mommy how encouraging your story is through her words – it is such light in a dark world!!

Name: Team Henning Date: 2005-11-04

Comments: O we just love updates!!! Prayers for Michelles mom and her family and thank her for the updates with all she has on her yolk right now.

Name: John Conwell Date: 2005-11-04
Email: john_l_conwell@myway.com

Comments: Ray and Tiffany How dear you and your family are to us. I am looking forward and back at what God is doing with Abby. He certainly has used her to touch my heart.

Name: Dorn Date: 2005-11-04

Comments: Abbie, you are truly one amazing little girl. Keep on surprising everyone with your progress. Tell RJ I said “hi.” I bet you can do that too! My continued prayers are with you and your wonderful family.

Name: Kevin Date: 2005-11-03
Email: trueblue@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: We missed you guys at football practice. I hope our god all of you in good health. I feel blessed whenever I am around your family. Love you Abby

Name: Sally Beam Santa FE, TX Date: 2005-11-03
Email: beamerjd@aol.com

Comments: I am a good friend of Kelsey Hill’s Aunt and her website mentions your little Angel Abbie. I will pray for Abbie and your family. May God continue to bless all of you!!

Name: Dorn Date: 2005-11-03

Comments: Way to go Abbie! Keep up the good work! With God, all things are possible!

Name: dawn & emmie Date: 2005-11-03

Comments: way to go on everything abby!! your such a smart girl :)

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-11-02

Comments: That is such great news. Sounds like Abbie is doing great. Always in my pryers.

Name: annie Date: 2005-11-01

Comments: I am excited to read about all that is new with Abbie!!! We are heading to dallas to see Andrew Wommack and Thurman Scrivner this week! Should be exciting. Abbie remains in our daily prayers and we rejoice in her progress with you.

Name: The Suttons Date: 2005-11-01

Comments: Varas, hope that everyone had a wonderful time at your harvest festival. As always Abby and family are in our prayers. Love RBAB

Name: melissa Date: 2005-11-01
Email: thedukefam@msn.com

Comments: I was thinking about you this morning and had a vivid picture of you walking on the beach.I immediately thought of words from the poem Footprints and knew that God is carrying you now but soon your own tootsies will be strolling in the sand sweet girl. Love from NM.

Name: Dorn Date: 2005-11-01

Comments: Hi Abbie! Can’t wait to hear all the new exciting things that have been happening with you. Can’t wait to see pictures of you riding the pony. Sounds like fun! Take care!

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-11-01

Comments: I bet you had fun riding a pony Abbie. That is so cool. I am praying for you all.

[spoiler title=”Decenber”]

Name: Karen Romero Date: 2005-12-31
Email: kromero@prhc.net

Comments: Happy New Year, Vara family!! May 2006 bring only happiness and good tidings, along with many prayers of recovery!!

Name: June and Harry Warner Date: 2005-12-31
Email: juniemeals@aol.com

Comments: Bless all of you and we wish you a wonderful year and continued faith in your healing. Love and prayers

Name: Dorna Date: 2005-12-28
Email: eeyorerules00@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi Vara Family, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I pray Abby’s continued recovery. She truly is a miracle. My very best to all of you in 2006!

Name: John Date: 2005-12-28
Email: rollback9@aol.com

Comments: God bless little abby and her family.I want to thank you for sharing your story because sometimes I question my faith because of some of my own hardships,but reading about the faith your family has shown it strenghtens my believes and I thank you for that.

Name: Karen Date: 2005-12-26
Email: kzondlo@zondlo.com

Comments: Hi to all the Vara family from Bangkok, Thailand. We are praying for many blessings to flow in 2006. Thanks, Crystal, for letting us know Tiffany is on the mainland. Prayers and sympathy to the family. Love, John, Karen and Jeremy

Name: Becky newman and Family Date: 2005-12-25

Comments: Merry Christmas Vara family…

Name: Stonebrakers Date: 2005-12-25

Comments: Merry Christmas, Varas

Name: Kim Date: 2005-12-24

Comments: Wbat a true blessing your family is…may you continue to stand in awe and amazement at the wonderful things God has done and will do!! :O)

Name: Tori Varnell Date: 2005-12-24
Email: ToriJo__10@hotmail.com

Comments: Hey everyone!!! I don’t know if you all know me or not, but you guys sent my family a christmas card and i thought it was very awesome!!! Well you guys are now in my prayers… i hope you have a very merry christmas!!! God bless… Tori

Name: The Suttons Date: 2005-12-23

Comments: Wishing everyone a wonderful CHRISTMAS this year. Tiffany we hope that your Uncle is recovering! Abby let your light shine this coming year in your continued recovery! God is still the great physician! love RBAB

Name: BentHaloAgain (pogp) Cindy Date: 2005-12-22
Email: CynRoss@hotmail.com

Comments: I was in poker playing with you but had to leave to read about Abby..I am so happy for you and Abby and the whole family..God does wonderful things when we have faith and I am sure he will continue do to so GBU and all of you will be i nmy prayers

Name: Lee Alden Johnson Date: 2005-12-22
Email: leealdenjohnson@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: Reading of Abbie’s progress just takes my breath away. Your families faithfulness in sharing this journey enriches us all. Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful family and for Abbie’s rebirth. What a Merry CHRISTmas.

Name: patty massachusetts Date: 2005-12-22
Email: pther23@yahoo.com

Comments: I came across your site a while back looking for stuff on my daughters heart problem an have been praying for abby for a while were my daughters close to abby’s age an I’m soooo glad she’s making wonderful progress I know miracles are true I am testiment to one I had a rare form of cancer an was told when I beat it I wouldn’t be able to have children an have two now I wanted to wish Abby and …(trimmed)

Name: Mary Date: 2005-12-22

Comments: The old Abbie has been there all along – just hidden as her body and brain healed. Your reaction to seeing that glimpse of her touched me so – God bless all in the Vara household this holiday season. Love, Mary

Name: Sherri in Houston Date: 2005-12-21

Comments: Merry Christmas Abby and family!

Name: Kathy Felix Date: 2005-12-20

Comments: I am sorry to hear of your Grandfather’s passing and of your Uncle’s condition. It sounds like you have a precious family all around you. Your life is an inspiration to me. Love to you all! Matt. 5:6

Name: Troy & Kathleen Lanz, family Date: 2005-12-20
Email: lanzhvac@route24.net

Comments: Sending words of sympathy at the passing of your grandpa, Tiffany. We, too, have been praying for Uncle Jerry and as always for Abbie – rejoicing with you at each new step!! Wishing all of you a very blessed Christmas!!

Name: Crystal Vara Date: 2005-12-20
Email: vara@hawaii.edu

Comments: Tiffany is on the mainland to spend time woth her uncle who is going into surgery…

Name: The Odas Date: 2005-12-19

Comments: Merry Christmas sweet pea. You definitely are a candle of Hope in so many, many peoples lives. Shine bright! love The Odas

Name: Lois Staedeli Date: 2005-12-19
Email: staed;m324@yahoo.com

Comments: I contnue to rejoice at Abby’s progress. I want to thank you for mentioning my great brother Jerry in today’s post. He will have surgery on Tues.

Name: Linda Kuenzi Miner Date: 2005-12-19
Email: dlmllm@sbcglobal.net

Comments: ALways follow your updates and Abby is a miracle and you are such a blessing. Will pray for your uncle and aunt. I went to the one-room school with your mom and aunts. Haven’t seem them for a long time.We are cousins.

Name: wendy hoffman Date: 2005-12-19
Email: gordonhoffman@hotmail.com

Comments: Was so great to see Ray. Just like old times. Wish you could all come for the opening of the new ER in January. We’ll be thinking of all of you through the holidays and wishing everyone a great 2006! Lots of Love from the New Mexico Hoffmans

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-12-19

Comments: Vara family. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. We will pray for your aunt and uncle. Here in Oregon you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Name: Dorn Date: 2005-12-19

Comments: Dear Vara,I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear grandpa and of your Uncle Jerry’s medical problems. Please know that allof you are in my thoughts and prayers. Abby, keep up the good work sweetie! You truly are a miracle!

Name: Michele Date: 2005-12-19

Comments: Tiffany, the last few lines of this update were so refreshing to hear, from another mom who could easily rattle on about how much needs to be done but who realizes that having her heart and soul prepared for the birth of our Saviour is far more important than meeting the retailers expectations of what they think we should do to be ready. Thank you for sharing.

Name: Melissa Brown Date: 2005-12-19
Email: bunchofbrowns@comcast.net

Comments: I just wanted to wish you many Christmas blessings! I also wanted to say I was sorry to hear about your Grandpa. I lost my Grandma in September, so I understand your pain. Please know I am thinking of you and your family.

Name: virginia Date: 2005-12-17
Email: dnwickersheim@hotmail.com

Comments: It is such a blessing to eagerly watch and hear the wonderful healing going on in abbys body. Praise the Lord. We give thanks to him for he is doing great and marvelous things.,I’m praying for your family and of course the continued strength and wholeness in abby…and strength and wholeness to your whole family. Blessings Virginia

Name: Bobby, Michelle & Gio Date: 2005-12-17

Comments: We hope you are blessed with lots of lttle miracles this Chirstmas. peace and joy in your home! Gio has been enjoy candy canes also this year. All over his face and hands. uhg love you and miss you

Name: Kathy Date: 2005-12-16
Email: kat8100@ricochet.com

Comments: I wish your family a Merry Christmas and pray for miracles to keep coming in the new year!

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-12-16

Comments: Vara family just thinking about you all. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year.

Name: Debra Date: 2005-12-14

Comments: I’m so inspired by your faith & the closeness to the Savior you have though your trials. Thank you for letting your light shine for all of us. Merry Christmas. May you all feel the spirt of Christ during this season.

Name: Enola Gay Lum Date: 2005-12-14
Email: enolas@hotmail.com

Comments: Dear family – I just learned of your website from my co-worker and dear friend, Norma at KMCWC. I’m having lunch at my desk…and have read your love story…what an awesome God you serve…your testimony is ministering to me at this very moment…thank you for sharing…I’m afraid that if I move, even slightly, the tears that have been collecting in back of my throat and in the pouches behind m…(trimmed)

Name: Alyse Inglis Date: 2005-12-12
Email: bluemoon@wave.bicv.net

Comments: I have been following your miracles for quite some time now, Abby. You and your family are always in my heart and prayers. I’ve never met you – a friend led me to your website. I check on your progress at regular intervals and it always renews my spirit, leaves me with a smile on my face and sweet tears of gratitude for the beautful miracles of your life. I have been blessed to admire your spirit!…(trimmed)

Name: April “Angel” Mikayla Mimmie and Hunter Noah and Z http://www.geocities.com/angelmomfriends5/kayla1.h Date: 2005-12-09
Email: babymsmom04@yahoo.com

Comments: Praise God for all the Grat things that Abbie has done!!! what a Beautiful Girl she is and thoses eyes and eyelashes!!!! Keeping her in our prayers. April and Angel Mikayla and family

Name: wendy hoffman Date: 2005-12-07
Email: gordonhoffman@hotmail.com

Comments: Wow, what a great bunch of early Christmas presents! Abbie’s the best. Ray please call when you’re gonna be here. Can’t wait to see you and have you see our new ER. Lots of love to the whole family. The New Mexico Hoffmans

Name: Mike Date: 2005-12-07
Email: tinmen 20002000@msn.com

Comments: My prayers go out to your precious Abigail. Canada

Name: Your Friends In The Firehouse Date: 2005-12-06

Comments: Best wishes this holiday season…

Name: dawn & emily Date: 2005-12-06

Comments: abby you are awesome!! soon you;ll be walking!!

Name: Kathy Date: 2005-12-04

Comments: When someone experiences a trauma, it helps to encourage that person to ask Jesus where He was during that trauma. Abby will see that Jesus was right there with her and never left her side. He never lets go of our souls, our spirit is always united with His, once we are born again. This may help Abby to get over this memory and see it as when God performed another wonderful miracle! Love and b…(trimmed)

Name: Becky Newman Date: 2005-12-04

Comments: Abbie your progress is so wonderful. You rock kiddo!!!!

Name: annie Date: 2005-12-04
Email: anniepettigrew@yahoo.com

Comments: WOW!!! You have sewn that precious seed of faith Tiffany, and you are now harvesting a beautiful flower that is growing everyday. Praise God. Blessed be His name.

Name: June Warner Date: 2005-12-04
Email: juniemeals@aol.com

Comments: We are always praying for you and your family.

Name: Virginia Date: 2005-12-03
Email: dnwickersheim@hotmail.com

Comments: I am so rejoicing with you and abby. Life is brightened by the sweet suprises. She’ pretty sweet and moving right along. Have a Merry Merry Christmas Abby and know that I am always praying for you and your family. Bless You. Virginia