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  1. Tiffany, I love the new site!! It is so beautiful, and so fitting for such a beautiful family. I haven’t gotten to see you all in years, but still feel close to you through getting to read all about Abbie. Your words are so moving to read, and the Lord really speaks to me through your experiences. Thank you for your faith and steadfastness. You are a beautiful picture of the Christian life and I’m so thankful to know you all. We will always continue to pray for sweet Abbie and for her healing. We love you all!

  2. Hi Tiffany,
    I just found your website – very, very impressed. I can’t wait to hear about Abbie’s continuing journey. You can teach us a thing or two about supplements, I think. I will be a frequent visitor.

    Sharon Dzialo

  3. Tiffany,

    The new site is beautiful just like you and Abbie. She is a gorgeous butterfly! We love you and continue to pray for your family. We thank God for you everyday.


  4. I prayed tonight for your sweet daughter and for you and Ray. I praised our Lord for the gift of her life. I thanked our Lord for your tender prayers when we needed them too. I asked that he comforts your days and strengthens you all. For one day when we bow to our Savior we will all rejoice in a place where sickness, pain and suffering will not be present. Glory to our heavenly father!

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