Horse Cents

We had just finished up another wonderful ride on Lizzy yesterday (who is not the horse in the photo), when Patty, Abbie’s riding buddy mentioned that the riding center, a non-profit organization, had raised $43 on Good Search.

I was completely unfamiliar with what Patty was talking about, so she explained that every time I did an internet search through, Manawalea Riding Center would get a penny, if I designated them as my cause.  Hmmm…goodness knows I do a lot of searches.

But, it got better when Patty told me about the retail partners who contribute a percentage if you access their sites through GoodSearch.  I looked at the homepage today, and there was J. Crew, Home Depot, and Levi’s among others.  Patty also mentioned that Amazon give 5% of the purchase to your cause.

During this shopping season, will you help me support the incredible people (and horses) at Manawalea Riding Center?  The work they do with such love touches people like Abbie in places and ways that nothing else can.

Just go to and enter “Manawalea Riding Center” as your cause.

A big “Mahalo” and “neighhhhh” for your help!



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