Pray for Abbie’s Friends

I have dreaded opening emails and checking Facebook this week because so many of my near-drowning mom friends are describing very challenging, threatening situations with their children’s health.  Some of the kids are sicker than they have ever been since their initial injuries.

Could I ask you to specifically pray for:

***  Caleb:  He had a very long febrile seizure the other night, ended up with collapsed lung(s) (?), and is in the PICU on a ventilator today.  He is very, very sick and the doctors have not been optimistic.  It seems from a recent update that he may be stabilizing a bit today, as far as blood pressure, but he remains extremely fragile. It appears he has a very bad pneumonia.

Caleb and his family are precious to us because they are here — we see them at therapy, around town, and it’s nice just knowing we are not alone on this island.  He has a baby sister who is not quite three weeks old.  I cannot imagine balancing everything that is on Kehau’s plate right now, so please pray intensely for her, too.

***  Luke:  Our little buddy in Tacoma was able to narrowly avoid the PICU this week, but remains hospitalized today, also with respiratory challenges.  His mama, Sue, and I have traveled this road together almost from the beginning, and she has become a very special friend and encourager.  Please pray that Luke continues his suddenly-speedy recovery, and is able to be discharged today.  There is a birthday party  tonight for his older sister, Natalie, and I know they so want to celebrate it as a united family.

***  Aiden:  I got to meet Aiden’s exceptionally creative and crafty mom, Erin, at the near-drowning retreat in November.  He is the eldest of three, so I don’t know how Erin finds the time to out-cake-decorate Martha Stewart and crochet masterpieces, but today finds her running to the pharmacy and caring for a very sick little boy.  Again – respiratory.  Ugh.  Please pray for his quick recovery!

***  Santana:  another little boy suffering from respiratory challenges, with another truly talented and creative mom who focuses on film production.  He is the middle of three boys, and I have missed hearing from Lindsey lately as Santana has been too ill for her to be online much.  I don’t know the details, but I do know that prayer changes things, so please lift him up.

One common theme (and no…it’s not the gender)…what stalks our fragile children is respiratory infection.  Each of our families know too well that what our children usually die from is these infections that get out of control.  The stress, fear, and worry can be overwhelming as things begin to take a wrong turn.  I have felt this weight even just praying for these families, so I am asking you to join me, as they just cannot bear it on their own.

God  bless you!