Lovely Locks of Love

Last Monday, while getting my hair cut, I was thinking that it was time to lighten the load on Abbie’s poor head.  So, I asked my hairdresser if she could cut Abbie’s hair so that we could donate it to Locks of Love, an organization that provides wigs to people in need.

When Nell said, “Yea, sure” and we scheduled the cut for the next day, I got a little nervous.  We would have to cut 10 inches off in order to donate it, and I was trying to envision Abbie in a bob.  I spent some extra time that night brushing her hair.  It really was beautiful, so I tried to imagine another little girl somewhere, taking medication to save her life but sacrificing her hair in the process…the hair that we wouldn’t miss, that would grow back in a few months, could make tremendous difference in the life of that little girl.

I spent the couple hours prior to the appointment at a beautiful lunch on the beach with some great friends, which was a wonderful distraction.  I was also a little concerned about how Abbie would do during the cut, how I would hold her, if she would tolerate it, etc, etc.  But, as soon as I got home it was time to go – no time to dwell on it.

Two of my lunchtime friends, Katie and Liberty, surprised me at the salon – which is why I have pictures to share.


 The Big Snip.  Although we only needed ten inches, we took off a little bit more so make the final length a little better.  I knew her hair was long, but not this long!

The Donation Ponytail:
Getting her hair blow-dried and styled.

Afterwards.  We both survived!  Sorry you can’t see the style very well.  I was hoping the cut would bring out her curls, but the stylist layered and textured it quite a bit.  So, it’s a lot lighter for Abbie, but doesn’t curl as much.

Her hair is still past her shoulders, so it won’t be long before we can donate again.  Abbie was very excited by the prospect of helping another little girl!

She continues to make the most of every chance she gets to practice with the power chair.  We are only going to therapy every other week now, so the opportunities are precious.  Today she learned how to turn the chair both ways (previously we only had the right-handed head switch activated).  It didn’t take her very long to figure it out!

At the end of the session, she had stopped for a moment.  The OT said, “OK, Abbie, I am going to turn the chair off now.”

Immediately came the mechanical equivalent of “I don’t think so” as Abbie commenced spinning again.    I love to see her in charge of something, and able to show a little bit of attitude!

God bless!

3 thoughts on “Lovely Locks of Love

  1. Love this post! You tell Abbie that I have always told myself I would donate but haven't gotten up the courage. She continues to be my hero! Abbey, I love your new do and you mom's jacket! Makes for one great picture of you two!

  2. She looks beautiful with her new hair style!!! We've done this twice and for some reason I shed a tear or two both times. Izzy's hair looks about like Abbie's and it is so beautiful but such a great thing to do! I was just thinking after her bath this afternoon we are about ready to do it again.

    The power chair sounds so exciting.

    I was thinking about you earlier today, about how meeting you face to face the first time is a moment in time I will never forget… (and not because you are so tiny :)

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