OR Express Lane

For Abbie, this morning brought a “Wham-Bam” of procedures in the operating room.   At 6:30am she had tubes  placed in her ears to drain fluid, allow her to hear better, and ensure she tolerates the hyperbaric chamber without pain.  Since she was going to be under anesthesia for this, I thought it would be an opportune time to repeat the Botox injections in her arms we had done in April.

Her orthopedic surgeon was so gracious to sandwich her into his jammed schedule, so he saw Abbie at 6:45.  He told me later that he had some Botox left over after injecting her biceps and supinators (forearm muscles), so he injected her stubborn little thumbs.  That unexpected bonus made me smile.

I am so pleased we were able to get the Botox on board now, so that it will be in full effect by the time the seating specialist from San Diego gets here to assess her for the power chair next month.

After these two procedures, she was then handed off to an audiologist, who tested her auditory nerves while she was still under sedation.   She feels that Abbie can hear well, despite having some neuropathy.  The level of the neuropathy has not changed since her first test 6 years ago – so that was good news.

Ray and I met Abbie in recovery around 8:45am.  I was excited that we would be getting home so early in the day, as I still had some preparation to do for my flight to Washington tonight.  Just one glitch….Abbie needed to wake up before we could go.

We knew she was with us because she would furrow her brows when a new recovery arrival would awaken and begin crying.  But, she would not crack those peepers open.  Finally, she was moved out of recovery, because she no longer needed the monitors, and we went back to the “SurgiCenter” where our morning had started.


She just kept snoozing.  By now, Ray had had to leave for a meeting, so Kyle had arrived to help me take Abbie home.


Nothing was working – not uncovering her and letting the cool air hit her skin.  Not changing her panties.  Nothing.

Finally, I asked Kyle to just go to her bedside and start talking to her while gently shaking her chest.  A glimmer of hope, as one eye cracked open!  I prodded him to keep going, until she was awake enough for us to convince the nurse to take her IV out.  She was definitely not completely with it, but we made a break for it while we could.

Once we got home, she did very well.  As she really brightened up, we could easily see how much better she was hearing.  Every little sound, and the softest whispers got responses from her.  What a blessing!  We will be looking forward to see how her schooling will go now, and are grateful that her ears won’t be causing her any more pain.

Could I ask you to pray for her this weekend while I am away?  I’m a little surprised at myself, that I am flying away the day she had procedures done – but, I trust her and I trust Ray.  I know all will be well if they are covered by prayer.

Please pray also for the moms who will be converging on Suncadia tomorrow, and the families they will be leaving behind in North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Utah, Arizona, California, Washington and here in Hawaii. I can’t quite envision what it will be like to all be in the same room together, but it is going to be gooooood.

My prayers go out today to the families of our fallen veterans, and those caring for injured and recovering veterans, as well as all vets.  May the Lord bless and keep you; Make His face to shine upon you; May He always be with you; and bring you peace.  Your country is so grateful.

2 thoughts on “OR Express Lane

  1. Praying for Miss Princess & so blessed to hear she did well & is hearing better – Praise the Lord!!
    Praying she will be even fuller of sweet smiles for you, Tiff, upon your return.
    May all those dear moms & you be ever so richly blessed this wkend in WA!!
    big hugs in Jesus,
    K & crew
    extra xxxxxs for Abbie girl!! We luv YOU!!! Php 1:3-6!!!

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