Good News

I collapsed on the couch in Abbie’s room at 9pm last night, and told Genevieve to wake me at 10.  The next thing I knew, it was morning.  I suppose two nights of very little sleep had caught up with me, and she is far too kind to wake me.  She did the entire night shift on her own!

Abbie seemed to be comfortable, and her, uh…production was beginning to look a little bit more normal.  The attending physician stopped by around 11 with the results of the stool cultures.  None of the top three suspects is the culprit.  It turns out that a bacteria called “Camphylobacter” is the cause of Abbie’s problems.  It lives in the bodies of chickens.  I only use chicken to make gelatin/stock for Abbie, so the source was apparent.

After about three days of infection with this bacteria, it doesn’t help much to give antibiotics, so Abbie will not be on any extra medications.  And, because it seemed she has turned the corner from her appearance, her temperature swings becoming smaller, and her stool looking better, they released us today!  I am typing at the cabin in the mountains!!

There was one critical element to Abbie’s discharge, which reiterated once again how the Lord watches over her.  Because this infection is food-related, we  cannot use any of the food we  brought with us, and need to use a special canned formula.  Because we are going to be here for a while, the hospital was scrambling to pull together enough of the formula for us.

I called my friend, Sue Searles (Luke’s mom) because she lives in Tacoma, and has been looking for a new team to help with Luke’s muscle tone.  After I spoke to Dr. A., the physiatrist, yesterday, I was so excited to tell Sue about this wonderful resource in her area.  I was thrilled when Sue said, “Oh – we have an appointment with her next week.”  Sue blenderizes Luke’s food, just like we do for Abbie, and has for years.  So, I was surprised when she told me that she’d begun stockpiling cases of the very formula Abbie needs, because her family is going on a cross-country trip this summer.

“Hey, I can just bring you a case!’ she offered.  I hated to have her drive the hour up the freeway, so I told her I’d try to have the hospital work it out.  When it seemed to become a big glitch today, I phoned Sue again, and told her that we could really use that case of formula.

Her answer surprised me yet again.  “You know, I just love that drive to Cle Elum.  Let me bring it up to you tomorrow!’ must know that this will be a 2.5 hour drive, each way, for Sue.  She is one of the busiest people I know, so this is no small effort for her.  What a generous, and critical, blessing she is giving us!

Would you say a special prayer for Sue and her family tonight, including her little miracle man, Luke?  And, would you keep praying for Abbie?  She is glad to be home, but still uncomfortable.  She doesn’t seem as sleepy, but now she seems to be experiencing more pain instead of sleeping through it.

She was happy to hear the voices of her cousins, Cooper (7) and Oscar (“four-and-a-half”, he would like you to know) last night.  Because she was in isolation, they couldn’t come into her room, and she was rolled onto her side looking away from the door when they arrived.  However, when she heard “Hi Abbie!” she turned her head as far as she could to see them….love that!  It was medicine for me to see my sister and her boys (and also a treat to chow down on yummy Vietnamese food they brought.)

In so many ways we were blessed through the challenge, and we are so thankful to be home.  Your prayers paved the way and carried us along….bless you for that!