He Sees

Abbie was our happy companion at Matt’s wrestling banquet last night.  Even though it was noisy with 300 people there, she did  not want to have the cough (and suctioning) she desperately needed to clear her airway.  She waited until we were on the way to the car to get it all out.  It’s interesting to me how in tune she is in social settings like the school meeting last Thursday, as well as the banquet.

After the banquet we went to pick Daddy up at the airport.  She always gets special pleasure of being out and about at night (read: after bedtime), and was especially happy to have her Dad home.

Her body is doing wonderfully now after about a week of intense interventions.  I noticed last week that it looked like she was getting a yeast infection, which told me that her overall body voltage was very, very low.  We were also noticing that it was difficult to get her lower legs and feet to stay warm.  Since this week was Spring Break at her school, I didn’t have to worry about her being too “sick” to go to school.   The quotation marks are because she didn’t actually get sick, but the markers of the changes in her body can sure look like it.  So, instead of being frustrated or worried, I just thought “Do what you know to do.”  Often I find it’s not that I don’t have answers, means, or methods, it’s that I’m not executing them faithfully.

Lots of mucous and extra sleep later, her legs are now staying toasty warm, her muscle tone is significantly lower, and she is using her voice all the time…seriously, all the time!!  It is so cute.

A friend sent me a YouTube link today to a video that certainly adjusted my perspective and refreshed my soul.  If you are a parent toiling in what feels like invisibility, this one’s for you!

The Invisible Woman

May we all find joy in our life’s work, whatever it may be, knowing that all is seen by the One who loves you most!