A Valentine’s Day Surprise

For a sweetheart like Abbie, we wanted to do something very special on Valentine’s Day.  So, we got Kung Fu Panda.  Nope, not the hilarious movie, but a real, live, snuggly one.

Now, our version does not live on bamboo, but rather dog food, treats and lots of love.  Meet the newest member of our family:

Our little Panda boy, who turned one the day after he came to us, is a Havanese.  Hava-who??  That’s what I asked when we first found this breed during an online search for breeders on Oahu raising hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs.  
Originating in Cuba, the the Havanese were the playmates of the children of the royal court in Havana.  As I read the website (www.havanesehawaii.com), I thought, “this is too good to be true!”  
“Extremely intelligent, loyal, very loving, playful and always eager to please.  Nonshedding, hypoallergenic and odorless.  A very people-oriented dog, they will follow their people around the house but are not overly possessive of them, showing no jealousy or aggression to other dogs, pets or humans”
Well, it is all true.  He just could not be a better dog.  When I introduced him to Abbie, she was laying on the floor.  He got on his tummy and scooted his head onto her lap, splayed all his legs out to lay completely flat, and then held very, very still.  He knew.  I don’t have any pictures of them together yet, because I have been facilitating their time together. 
His hair feels like angora, so Abbie really enjoys petting him.  He doesn’t get skittish when she coughs, or even when she’s suctioned.  The first morning he was here, every time Abbie coughed in the other room he would stop what he was doing and alert, making sure that I heard what was going on.
Having Panda come to our home, all grown up and ready to just meld right into our family has been a real answer to prayer.  We’ve wanted to get a dog for Abbie for a long time, but knew, given the demands of our daily life, that it would have to be exactly the right dog.  None of this would have been possible without Pam and Richard, the breeders.  Here they are with Matt, RJ and Panda. 
RJ wanted to surprise Matt as well as Abbie, so Matt thought it was just a boring Sunday afternoon until a dog with a big red bow showed up. 
That moment was a lot of fun!  We feel very blessed to have him.
Abbie is back in school this week, and doing well.  She’s so excited that she’s been wide awake when I go to her at 5am.  We had a great Speech Therapy session at school, where the therapists identified some new switches to use, and new places to use them.  I am excited for Abbie, as new doors open for her — and, as always, incredibly proud of her.
May I ask you to pray for her body, as we attempt to get her weight-bearing again after her injury and illness?  Please pray for soft muscle tone, proper leg rotation, and comfort in standing.
May God bless you today!

2 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Surprise

  1. Dear Abbie,
    Your newest little furry friend is such a cutie!! We're so happy 4 u! Ilisha was just trying to pet his luscious fur on the computer screen! ; )
    We're praying 4 u & that God will get you back to where you were weeks ago & even beyond! He is the Great Physician & YOU are His princess extraordinaire!!!
    We luv you sooo much!!! Hope u got our valentine in one piece via USPS! ; )

    xoxoox in Him,
    Auntie K & kittens 9 xoxoox
    I Cor. 13 xxxxxxooooooo

  2. What a cute dog! I know that Luke loves dogs and I wonder if someday we can maybe get one, it's just overwhelming thinking about adding the needs of a dog to my life right now.

    I'm so happy to hear that Abbie is doing so well in school. I will be praying that she will stay healthy and that her legs will get strong again.

    Love in Christ,

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