Maddening Disappointment

I truly believe that many of Abbie’s recent advances are the fruit of her stubborn persistence over the course of many years. SHE would not quit, even when all those around her wilted at one time or another. So, it makes me smile when I can see that feisty streak in full bloom.

Monday’s therapy session included the use of the Walkable, a harness device that would allow Abbie to stand for longer periods during our sit-to-stand practice. Unfortunately, Abbie heard it as “WALKable.” When we first got her up, the harness was too high, so she was suspended in the air. Her little legs started going like mad…back and forth, back and forth. They did not stop until we had her feet back firmly on the ground.

We practiced sit-to-stand several times and she did well. When we were done, we got her out of the harness and laid her on the mat. She was so enraged that her face turned splotchy, which is rare. We thought maybe she was having an allergic reaction of some kind. Yea — she’s allergic to disappoinment, alright. When we figured out that she was just ticked off, we asked her why…and those little legs atarted going again. Up and down, against gravity, with her heavy tennis shoes and orthotics on…not easy to do for her. We had to spend time reassuring her that we are working through the process to get her walking again — obviously not quickly enough for her liking!

I LOVE it that she knows so clearly what she wants, and is using her body to demonstrate her desire and readiness.

Other things are emerging as well. Maria did quite a bit of work with Abbie this morning. A little while after the session, Abbie sneezed several times, and then looked at Genevieve and said, “you, you, you, you” and grinned. We couldn’t tell if she was playfully blaming Genevieve or asking for her help, but the clarity of the word was striking. Our little butterfly is coming out of her cocoon!

A short Mrs. Kravitz follow-up for Lost fans: It was quite the to-do on filming day last Tuesday. By the evening, they brought in enormous lights on cherry pickers and lit up the street. We were sitting on our front lawn having dinner, watching it all. Ray took that opportunity to remind me that if our hedge weren’t dying a slow death (which I’ve been known to complain about), we wouldn’t have had front row seats.

Then, one of the crew came to tell us that we would be in the shot if we stayed there, and invited us across the street for a close-up view. Show business is NOT glamorous, and I don’t envy the actors who show up after the crew has been working for long days preparing…talk about pressure to perform!

Genevieve had taken Abbie to the mall, and walked right into the outdoor “set” on the way home. Unbeknownst to her, the corner in front of our house was lit up for a reason, and it wasn’t just for her. She stopped there with Abbie to watch what was going on, which soon resulted in a voice coming over a bullhorn saying, “Excuse me, but if you continue to stand there, you are going to be very famous!” Genevieve then disappeared with Abbie into the shadows, on the way to our side door. A moment later, we heard the same voice say, “We can still see youuuuu.”

If you are a hardcore Lost fan, be on the lookout for a scene with Ben Linus, where a girl comes to the door (I heard she plays his daughter??) and he talks about how he should have left a note on the door earlier. It seems as if they were shooting over his shoulder, so the (dying) hedge, stone wall, and wrought-iron fence you see are ours…woo-hoo, we are (almost) famous.

One last thing I feel pressed to share. Abbie was sick briefly last week (103 in the morning, 99 at night…that girl is strong!) As I was keeping watch through the night and into the morning, I picked up her Bible to read whatever opened up. 2 Kings 4 – a familiar story about the widow about to lose her sons to slavery. Elisha asked her what she had to repay the debts with, and she told him, “nothing but a little bit of oil.” He instructed her to go to all her neighbors and ask to borrow empty jars, and “not just a few”. Once they’d gathered the jars, she and her sons closed their door and began pouring.

Verse 5 caused me to stop cold. As long as there were empty jars, the oil kept flowing. But, when the widow asked her son for another jar, and he answered, “There is not a jar left” the oil stopped flowing.

What struck me in that moment is that as long as we offer God our prayers, his spirit will keep flowing. And, just like the widow, all of the jars are not in our own homes…often we must ask our neighbors for their jars, their prayers. I pray that we would become bold in asking for prayer, and in praying for others so that we would never have to say, “there is not a jar left – there is no more room for God’s spirit to move.”

Since I read that passage, the Lord has brought some exceptional people into my life that need a jar or two, or ten. Go check your cupboards for jars, and then watch to see who comes to your door.