Two Thumbs Way “UP”!

Yesterday brought another bonus of living in Hawaii: King Kamehameha Day. Ray had the day off, so we enjoyed it as a family. Abbie swam with her Daddy and I for about half an hour. By the end of our time in the pool, her body was moving through the water like a ballerina…all the muscle tone and restriction was gone. I momentarily wished we could grow tails and live in the water.

In the evening we decided to try to take Abbie to the movies again. It has been two-and-a-half years since our last attempt, during which she lasted five minutes. My heart was gladdened by the boys all cancelling their plans so that we could go as a family.

The movie “Up” proves that good, quality movies CAN be made today, and I was so relieved that it provided colorful adventure, good themes, and sweet comedy without any unwanted surprises or mature double entendres. Abbie was sitting in her wheelchair during the previews, but as it is a loaner chair, it doesn’t fit her quite perfectly. “Why leave her there?” I wondered. So, I moved her onto my lap for the movie, which allowed us to have little conversations (me whispering, her squeezing my hand.)

She was attentive the whole time, and smiled at the funny parts. I relished having her sit, completely relaxed on my lap. I looked down the row, and saw our entire family…a very sweet time.

She fell asleep on the walk home, and had dreams of colorful balloons, a floating house and silly bird, I am sure.