Abbie is Awesome!

Just got home to take a quick nap while Ray watches over Abbie, but wanted to give a quick update before I head off to sleep.

Abbie did amazingly well through the 3.5 hours of surgery, and even in the recovery room was coughing all the mucous and blood up herself. That allayed my only fear about closing her trach stoma. If she is willing and able to cough so strongly right after surgery, I have no doubt she will be more than able to take care of her airway independently when she is healed. HURRAH!

Her G-tube button was moved more towards the middle of her belly, and is already much more comfortable than her old site.

It seems now that she will be an inpatient until Saturday. But, she is comfortable, and doing well.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers — they were powerful, and God just HAD to listen. Abbie was grinning in the pre-op area as we changed into the hospital gown. She knew it was time, and had no fear. Thanks to knowing all of you were praying for her, I didn’t either.

God is good!

3 thoughts on “Abbie is Awesome!

  1. Way to go Abbie! I’m so glad to hear that all went well. Now on to a quick recovery, you are one blessed little girl to have such awesome parents!


  2. Thank you, Jesus, for holding Abbie's hand through her surgeries…You love her so much!!! And thank you, precious Abbie-girl & Tiffany, for sharing your lives with us.
    May the Great Physician touch Abbie during these post-op recovery days with His Hands of love, grace & power.
    We LOVE you dearly!
    K, W & kittens
    Psalm 118:24

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