Joyful Days

So many good things have happened this week, and I actually got pictures of most of them!

On Monday we got Abbie on her hands and knees at therapy. It took five of us: one at each leg, one at each arm, and one helping her with her head. That should make the reason why I don’t have a picture very obvious! She did better than we had hoped, and was willing to allow her knees to be pulled up to about 100 degrees, while bearing some weight on them. We had a giant magenta lycra sling under her belly and hips to help support her weight as well.

On Tuesday I put her up on her potty chair for the first time in many months. After about thirty seconds there was a lot of…uh…production! I was so surprised, but Abbie was acting like “Helloooo, I’m ready for more than you think I am!” I was so happy I actually did take a picture of the potty and send it to Daddy, but I don’t think I need to publish that one!

Wednesday took us to therapy again, where this time we did some standing. Abbie was pretty sleepy, as it seems like her meds are beginning to affect her more. But, she did well.

We started out at this angle

Then we moved up, and allowed her to bear more weight. Since she hasn’t been standing in a long time her bones are not ready bear all of her weight which is why she is not standing sraight up.

Look at these ankles!! The orthotics are designed to allow her ankle to flex forward while she stands, so they are bending even beyond 90 degrees. Unbelievable!

Gotta show off Auntie Genevieve’s work. I think Abbie’s had four different nail colors in the past 10 days!

Thursday was a great day! Abbie was able to get an hour of standing done, in three separate sessions. But, the highlight of the day was a tea party with the Cheshire girls (and baby boy).

Abbie was tired when they arrived, but still really enjoyed exchanging presents! She recieved 2 beautiful dresses.

One matched Christa’s dress

The second was a red one that both the girls have worn. They gave matching reports: “It’s itchy!!!” So, perhaps Abbie will wear an undershirt, but it’s too pretty not to wear!

The real squeals came (from me) when we opened the box containing a pair of Christmas shoes!!!

We then let Abbie go rest while we enjoyed Katrina’s homemade scones and some fruit. Christa sat down at the piano, and seeing her profile, with her hair covering her face made me think of little Abbie, who would lead me by the wrist to the couch, say “You sit there,” and then climb up to the piano bench and plunk out a masterpiece for me.

As Christa and Katrina sang and danced for us, I felt that I was seeing what angels may look like. Radiant girls, dressed in white, raising pure, innocent voices to God. Amazing…at the time I didn’t know how much I would need that memory the next day.

They then went in to sing to to Abbie, who loved it.

That evening I got Abbie into an umbrella type stroller I’d borrowed, because I tried to change her wheelchair footplates myself. Brilliant move. All I succeeded in doing was making it pretty much unusable. But, placing her in that stroller was yet another exciting step because her knees bent beautifully and her feet sat properly on the footplates. For the first time since she was injured!

I wheeled her all over the house showing her off to her brothers. She sat in front of the Christmas tree for a long time, admiring the lights and soaking in time with Kyle.

As Friday morning began, I found myself rushing out of the house to make it to Matt’s Christmas performance. During the drive I thought, “Wow..two months ago tomorrow we were in surgery. I can’t believe how far she’s come. This is so FUN..watching her actually be able to accomplish things and experience a cooperative body.”

It seemed at the time that we were on the expressway, speeding toward all our goals.

In the blink of an eye, that all changed. But as our world crumbled yet again, I was buoyed by all the precious and exciting moments of this week.

2 thoughts on “Joyful Days

  1. Precious Abbie girl,
    You, dear friend & beautiful princess of the Prince Himself, LIGHT up our world like you will never know this side of heaven…We pray we will be dancing TOGETHER on your beautiful ballerina legs THIS side of heaven…& most definitely, we will be so honored to dance with you before the King on those streets of gold!!! YOU will be His shining star!!!
    HUGE hugs in Jesus Who luvs you SOOOOOO much!!!!
    your sisters, Katrina & Christa & all the Cheshire clan ; )
    Jerem. 29:11

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