Cast Off Day!!

What a day! We got to see Abbie’s new legs revealed, and I made my first iMovie. The quality is not as good on YouTube as it is on my computer, but so goes it. I just wanted some way, other than my words, to share with all of you the joy of today.

As the cutting began, Dr. B. said, “This is going to be like a birth experience.”

“Oh, I know!” I replied. “She is going to have brand new legs.”

“That’s not exactly what I mean…” he answered.

What he DID mean became apparent as soon as we lifted Abbie to remove the worn-out, discolored, junky, old bottom half of the cast. She started howling just like she did when she first entered this world. Wow! “Think about it,” said Dr. B. “she has been nice and toasty in the cast. It seems confining to us, but it is supportive and comforting for her. And then, all of a sudden, it’s stripped away, the cold air hits her and…voila…new birth experience!”

There is a reason for the gap in the video between taking the top of the cast off and having her seated in the wheelchair ready to go…she needed all hands on deck to try to calm her initial pain and fear. While this has been an exciting day for all of us, it has been a very challenging one for Abbie. Please, if you think of her during the day (or night) pray for pain control and abatement. This is going to be a difficult couple of weeks for her as we get her bottom half moving again.

But, even with all that, I am overwhelmed at the results!! I was playing with her little foot, moving it up and down like any other child’s. Genevieve and I were giggling like schoolgirls, in disbelief that these soft, flexible feet belong to Abbie. Her knees are looking up at the ceiling, instead of pointing out to the side, and everything is so beautifully aligned. Her skin is amazing as well — I was expecting dry and scaly…not a bit. I know we need to take it slow for her sake, but I am just so darn excitied about all the things we will be able to do.

Much more to say, but it’s already 1am, and I need to get my winks in while Abbie is sleeping. A triple rainbow outside my front door today was the exclamation point on a day I can only term as “Hope Delivered. Promises Kept!”

8 thoughts on “Cast Off Day!!

  1. Dearest Abbie,
    You are not only a very beautiful purple princess…but a very brave one!! Oh, how Jesus loves you!! Thank you for blessing us beyond words by being our friend…you have profoundly impacted our lives here on this earth & for all eternity!!
    We love you, sweet Abbie-girl!!
    Auntie Katie & crew : )
    Praise God for those beautiful ballerina legs…we are praying for all the "owies" to go away!
    Psalm 27:13-14

  2. Wow, what a great video! I absolutely love the song you put on it, we do walk by faith. What a huge blessing to have such wonderful legs again. Some day’s I’m almost desperate to see Luke’s legs bend once again. You are blessed to have such wonderful Doctors.

    Be blessed today and know that Abbie continues to stay in my prayers.

    Love, Suzi

  3. what a beautiful video! and what a blessed day! we thought of you and prayed for you everyday. new blessings and new miracles everyday abbie! You are an amazing and brave little girl! next video will be you dancing on those beautiful little ballerina legs! PRAISE GOD!

  4. I enjoy following your blog and reading about Abbie’s progress. God speed to her healing and God bless your family. My sister has a TBI from a car accident. It is comforting to read of other family’s journeys.

  5. You have left me with tears of joy…seriously, not a dry eye is to be found here. We think of you often, Abbie. We have followed you from day one and even though I haven’t posted in ages, I check in on your growth and progress often. I am so proud of you–you are such a brave young lady! I continue to look forward to your many days to come–you are an inspiration to so many (and so is your amazing sure to let her know)! You are in our prayers, sweet girl! God bless you and keep you! He has wonderful things in store for you!
    All God’s Blessings,
    San Diego

  6. Just wondering how those beautiful legs are doing??

    And wanting to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I’m so thankful for you my friend, thank you for making this journey that we are on so much easier. All your research and idea’s have been amazing.

    Love in Christ,

  7. Your video is wonderful. And just seeing Abby’s quivering lip at the end convinced me for sure that that little girl is ALL THERE and she’s progressing beautifully! Thanks for sharing! It confirms what I already knew, that God is going to continue working a beautiful miracle!

    With love from Kris, a fellow caregiver to a brain-injured family member… who’s also progressing beautifully. God is so good!

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