The Last Night

Abbie was smiling, even in her sleep, as we told her that this was her last night of sleeping in her cast. 12 hours from now she’ll be a tiny wisp of a girl compared to what we’ve become used to. Her nurse, Dayna, gave her a beautiful mani-pedi today in preparation for the big event…purple, of course!

I am so thankful Genevieve will be the one accompanying me to the hospital tomorrow, because she loves Abbie with all of her heart. We were both giddy as she was leaving tonight, feeling as children do on Christmas Eve. I will be taking the camera and the video camera, as I am so curious about how the process of getting the cast off. If my technical skills allow, I will try to post the video.

Abbie’s little body was thinking hard about getting sick the last couple of days. But, we received the “Chest Vest” last Friday, and that helped head off the Yuck Monster before he was firmly established in her chest. For my fellow brain injury families: this is one piece of equipment you should check with your doctor about ordering for you, especially with cold and flu season upon us. I have been extremely impressed with its effectiveness and ability to help Abbie rebound quickly. Abbie LOVES her “bumpy ride” as we call it, and a huge bonus is that after 20 minutes of treatment her arms are like rubber bands — clear chest, soft arms…I’ll take that 2-for-1 any day!

I almost can’t believe we’re here, at the end of this long-dreaded journey. This time of relative hibernation has been a unexpected blessing — no therapies, no appointments –life has been pretty simple the last 4 weeks. And, the brilliant way Abbie came through the surgery and recovery has been beyond my wildest hope. Thank you for your continued prayers; we literally feel them.

All hail the end of the Purple Person-Hider, and the full return of Princess Abbie!

One thought on “The Last Night

  1. "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose."
    What valiant sojourners you are, precious Tiffany & Abbie!! When we are in the grandstands watching your faith in action, we're so blessed to be cheering you on…& when God grants us the privilege to come out on the playing field & be part of the action w/you, we are humbled beyond measure to run one inch of the race alongside you, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author & finisher of our faith!! You will finish well, Tiffany – He has proven Himself faithful & has granted you His perseverance & endurance!!…& now I pray, some sweet dreams for both you & Abbie!!! hugs in Him,
    K & kittens ; )
    Lam 3:22-23

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