Big Steps, Little Bumps

Sorry for the delay in posting…I’ve been doing the night shifts, and by the time I get home in the afternoon I am focused exclusively on getting to my bed as quickly as possible!

Abbie continues to look wonderful, blessing us with many smiles and grins. She was especially happy this morning when I turned on her favorite PBS shows, “Sid the Science Guy” and “Super Readers.”

She has not had any Tylenol 3 since Saturday, which blows me away. If I were in her position I would have taken up arms to fend off the folks who took out the epidural, let alone taking away all narcotics! She is also completely off oxygen now, and satting 100% most of the time.

So…why is she still in the hospital? Turns out she came down with a urinary tract infection, whis was not unexpected after three days of having a catheter. The challenge is, her infection was caused by a particularly tough bug to treat (pseudomonas). There are not any great oral medication options for this one, so she continues on IV antibiotics.

But, now that we are in a private room it is not bad at all. In fact, it is almost a luxury to still have the extra hands to help. We WILL be coming home tomorrow, however. HURRAH!

We could use your prayers for the next three weeks of being in a cast: no skin break down, complete clearing of the UTI, lungs remaining clear, and ways to keep Abbie entertained and engaged.

May I also ask that you extend prayers for another boy facing the very same surgery on Wednesday? Cade lives in California, and his mom,Lisa, and I have become email pals. I must tell you about Lisa, though. She sent me a note explaining that she recently did her first 1-mile ocean swim race in a long time…life sure changes after brain injury. Anyway, she said that she dedicated the swim to Abbie, and with each stroke thought of and prayed for her. I was brought to tears (not good when reading your Blackberry while driving–just next to the curb, not in traffic:) I know her life is just as challenging as mine, yet she was praying for my girl!! The link to his website is on the left of this update, so hopefully Lisa will update as she is able after the surgery.

I am already anxious to see what Abbie is going to be able to do with these new legs, and pray the time passes quickly. Thanks for cushioning the path with your prayers and care — what I thought would be a rocky road has been a nice hike instead.

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  1. I’m hoping and praying that you are home now and that Abbie continues to heal quickly. Please let us know how we can continue to pray.

    Suzi Searles

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