Out of the PICU

Just talked to Ray who said that Abbie is now ensconced in a very comfortable private room, which also has a sleeping bed for me!! The past couple of days have been very smooth. The epidural and foley catheter came out on Thursday, but her pain has been well controlled with Tylenol 3, while Valium has been successful at keeping muscle spasms at bay. She is a bit more sleepy, but I am content to let her rest and recover at this point.

The consensus from the ICU doc, the surgeon, and her pediatricians is that she looks “awesome” today, and we will most likely be heading home on Monday. She is a bit anemic, so they started some extra iron, and didn’t feel it was acute enough to require a transfusion.

We were so blessed with incredible nurses in the PICU — I am always blown away by their competence, compassion, and insight. A very, very special group.

I learned how to change diapers by myself, a mix of contortion and strength..perhaps I’ll be ready to join the circus by the time this is over. On second thought, perhaps I already AM in the circus:).

But, this I know: God has once again shown Himself faithful and strong on Abbie’s behalf, and in the care of all of us.

Abbie is now on the Wilcox wing, in room 208. So, feel free to visit!