Abbie’s Outfitters

Aloha! I am typing this at 1:45am for a couple of reasons, neither of which involve Abbie’s health. The twins are having a sleep-over birthday party to celebrate turning 11 on May 6th. Our Party Papa is overseeing 12 boys while I tend to one little girl…hardly seems fair! We didn’t have nursing this evening, and for some reason Abbie picked tonight to need oxygen, which is rare for her lately. So, we’ve been camped out in one end of the house while the revelers occupy the other. It has been amazingly quiet so far, but I’m sure the boys will be up with the sun.

The second reason I am posting so late (or early, depending on how you look at it) is that I’ve finally completed a long-procrastinated task, and I want to share it with you. I find myself recommending so many different books and other products that I’ve long thought it would be convenient to consolidate them in one place.

Voila! I would like to introduce you to “Abbie’s Outfitters”, our new online Amazon store.

Abbie’s Outfitters

I’ve selected the books, CDs, and products that have been the most beneficial during our journey. I hope that you enjoy browsing, and find the store useful.

For brain-injury families I do want to point you to some things listed under “helpful products.” There are three items there that Maria Margarita has introduced us to: Traumeel, Zeel, and Lymphomyosot. I had never heard of these before working with her, and they have been very helpful. I was glad to find out I could offer them through Amazon.

Abbie has had her ups and downs lately. She and I are really enjoying getting out in the yard in the morning to bounce and stretch on a ball while soaking in the sun. But, it appears that we are back to having a rough time between 3pm and 7pm each evening. We think it may be an after-effect of the MRI and DTI test last week, since they most definitely had an effect on her brain. For the first time in ages I slept to the sound of the concentrator last night. She only needed half a liter, but the machine isn’t quieter just because she needs a low flow! When I got up this morning I remembered why I used to always feel so exhausted. The sound that seems like a whisper in daylight, beomes a freight train in the dark.

I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers I know, especially my own. May your day be blessed with the realization of your impact and influence on those you love.