Not a Single Tear

Just time for a quick update, but I did want to share that Saturday, May 3rd was a wonderful day for our family. There was a moment when I was sitting at RJ’s baseball game, in the sun, where I could feel it….I knew I was being prayed for. We were able to rejoice in the fact that we have our Abbie, and that she is doing so very well. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers on that day, but even more importantly, on all of the days of the last four years. We wouldn’t have made this climb without you, and the fact of the matter is Miss Abigail Faith Vara would not be alive save for the power of your prayers.

Lots of good things this week, including the final report for this semester of speech therapy (first time yet that I”ve heard multiple times ‘100% success rate’ on numerous goals!) And, much good work with Maria this week to get Abbie’s brain calmed down after the MRI and DTI tests last week.

We are very blessed, and you are one of the most tangible proofs of that!