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I’ve been dying to write an update since our first visit from Maria Margarita last Tuesday. We had our second session with her earlier today. I am astonished. When I read the Brain Curriculum at I was hopeful but a little reserved, wondering how someone could assess the brain precisely enough to locate specific lesions. Our experience so far has exceeded even my wildest hopes.

This listing is for the brain geeks, and parents who have morphed into such:
(Others can skip everything in italics:)

Todays’ work:

Assessed and worked on lesions on the R. cerebellum, R. cerebrum. R. sensory integration area

Abbie’s spinal cord had been pulled up through the foramen magnum (hole at bottom of skull), and was swollen, preventing it from returning to its proper place. Maria dealt with this as well as resolving the adhesion that had formed between the foramen magnum and C1.

Noted R. posterior cerebrum / temporal lobe swelling between the atlas and the foramen magnum

Abbie worked on the anterior/posterior mobility of her left cortex, and the midline/posterior rotation of both cortexes.

There was some restriction in the L. temporal lobe area, which is affecting Wernicke’s Area (speech). Abbie worked hard to get her L. temporal lobe back into it’s proper space.

Much work done on her ventricles (fluid containing vessels in the middle of the brain). There were anterior adhesions, so that the R. and L. were stuck together. The posterior ventricles were rotated in opposite directions: R. was inferior and L. was superior. All of this together resulted in tremendous pressure on Abbie’s skull, impacting the vascularization (blood flow) and Wernicke’s area, as well as the L. cerebellar peduncle (I did not know until today that my body contained such a thing as a “peduncle”!)

L. cerebellar peduncle had issues at both inferior and superior attachments, but particularly at the superior — it had been stretched to its max, but not torn

Maria worked on the membranous system to address some of the ventricle issues. The R. middle inferior ventricle stretched to allow fluid back in. The L. side was swollen and the right side had no fluid. The fluid rebalanced very well during treatment.

It was interesting that Abbie’s lungs exactly mirrored the condition of her ventricles. The left lung was swollen and the right had reduced volume. We have been observing this for months now, but were at a loss as far as how to treat it.

Maria balance Abbie’s lungs, and stretched the Media Stinum (sp) – the connective tissue that runs from the thorax in front to the spine in back to make the compartments for the lungs. It had become quite constricted, which showed in the shape of Abbie’s ribs as well as the tightness across her back.

….and that was all just today!

Last time we worked on her occipital lobe, which has been deviated and was compressed, as well as giving her frontal lobe more room and lifting the weight of her forehead off of her eyes, allowing her optic nerve to function better. And, boy..has it ever! Her vision is noticeably better…even the store clerk at Banana Republic remarked about that.

In the first session Maria worked quite a bit in Abbie’s mouth and around her cheeks and nose. As with the first session of Rolfing, I saw physical differences in Abbie at the end of treatment…amazing!

It is a wonderful blessing having someone to talk indepth brain stuff with. I have avoided gaining precise knowledge for years, because it just hurt my heart…I already knew many things were “broken”, so I didn’t want to dwell on it. But, now I am consuming anatomy texts like water.

Maria is an exclamatory answer to a prayer I had not even prayed yet, nor knew how to pray. Her skills, insight, and compassion are remarkable…I feel like Abbie has been waiting around for Maria, waiting for a partner to help her. Abbie knows exactly what she needs to do, and today even turned her head in specific ways to lead Maria to the “next spot” to work on. Maria says she’s never worked with a child so committed to working long and hard (1.5-2 hours at a time), and is overwhelmed with how quickly Abbie responds to the work.

After our first session, we went in the other room to chat. Her first impression is that Abbie is “so strong.” I just smiled at the validation of all we knew. She continued by saying that Abbie is very, very present, aware strongly of who she is and is adamant that she is NOT a baby, but a big girl. Again..more validation. Maria feels that Abbie is “burning to talk, because she has something very important to say…” Can’t wait to hear it!

Maria has worked with brain injury patients for ten years, so I believed her when she said she did not make the following comment lightly — she has seen too many families sustained only by hope to do so — she said she feels there is great hope and much promise for Abbie. There is LOTS of work to be done, but Abbie is responding so well.

Maria Margarita is a European woman, imbued with the class and grace that seem to be their birthright. She just moved to Honolulu last month, so if you live here I will gladly put you in touch with me at If you live elsewhere..I would recommend contacting the Upledger Institute to see if a trained provider lives near you.

This is the biggest leap forward, in my eyes, since we met Dr. Tennant. God is so gracious to forgive my weariness and temptation to quit, and send not only sustenance but a renewal of hope!

One last quick note…please pray for my aunt, Lavonne… last week I spent time on the phone talking with her husband, Elmer and Lori, one of her eight children, about putting a trach in…boy, there is wisdom I wish I didn’t have. She has since gotten one in, but is still on a vent with heart and lung issues. Many of you know how winding this road can be, so please remember them in your prayers.

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  1. Tiffany,

    You are amazing! God has blessed you so abundantly with directing your steps in the right direction. I read through what you wrote and began wishing that I too could find someone like Maria here in WA.

    Have you noticed many changes with getting Abbie into the HBOT chamber each day? Are you still thinking about putting in a baclafen pump? We decided to start Luke on oral baclafen last week,I haven’t seen much difference yet.

    Be blessed my friend and thank you for your never ending research.

    Love in Christ,

  2. Maria sounds like she would be so amazing to watch while she works with Abbie! And to see differences so quickly and have – what you already knew about Abbie – validated by a professional must be an awesome feeling! I love to come to your site and, and through your words, see God, His healing power in action and His faithfulness in Abbie’s recovery. I continue to pray for your Abbie along with Luke and Izzy. Thank you for sharing Abbie’s triumphs.
    In His Love and Blessings,

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