Divine Appointment

So, as I ‘ve related recently, I am taking a fresh look at things to do for Abbie. This new openness isn’t restricted to western medicine however, as I continue my investigations into alternatives for Abbie.

Recently a woman in my Bible study gave me an index card with a man’s name and website on it. She said that Master Wu is a QiGong master from China and had helped her husband, George, greatly when he injured his back. I was somewhat interested, since QiGong is a form of energetic medicine. My interest level rose markedly however when Mary described what Master Wu had been able to do for the infant daughter of a woman who works for her husband. At about a month old the baby stopped nursing and began to regress. The physicians thought it was a neurological problem, but the baby was too small to sedate for an MRI. George was convinced that Master Wu could help, and although he was in China at the time, Master Wu did work with this family. The baby began to get better, and soon they were able to just wear her out enough to sleep through an MRI. The results surprised the neurologists who said, “Given her symptoms I was convinced she had a bleed in the brain. I can see faint evidence of it, so I know there was one, but I just don’t know where it went…this is very strange.”

It took me a week to finally email Master Wu’s wife Kathy with a brief description of Abbie’s situation and a request for an appointment. She called the next day, and we set up an appointment for the following week (today).

I was curious, but didn’t yet realize that once again the picture was larger than I initially realized. I mentioned to my small group yesterday evening that I was going to be taking Abbie to a QiGong master. Immediately one couple said, “Are you taking her to see Master Wu?” When I nodded they gasped and said, “How in the world did you get in to see him???” A little surprised I told them it took one email and one phone call. “You don’t understand,” they said, “in China he is like….” they paused as they searched for an equivalent. “Well, beyond rock star..he can just walk in to the national leaders’ offices. He holds healing “concerts” that are sold out a year in advance. He has turned down offers of 1 million dollars to heal cancers because the sufferers were unscrupulous people. It is virtually impossible to get a one on one session with him!”

I quietly grinned as I marveled at how gracious God has been at bringing the “best of the best” into our lives…Dr. Tennant, our Rolfer Sally, and now Master Wu. Ray did question me, however, about the spiritual implications of QiGong, and I assured him that I have studied and prayed greatly on this issue. I look at QiGong as a medical intervention that recognizes the importance of the spirit, but does not apply or imply any concrete spiritual doctrines. However, I prayed last night that if it in any way was counter to God’s plan, will, or sovereignty He would slam this door.

We left an hour before the appointment to give us plenty of time to get to an unfamiliar part of Kaneohe (which is on the other side of the island). Once in Kaneohe I realized that the given directions assumed I took one highway, and this morning I had taken a different one. We were way off track, and would not make it in time unless I turned around right away. I turned right immediately, not caring what the street was, only looking to turn around. As I completed my turn I passed a black Tahoe waiting at the light, and recognized one of our best friends — in that split second he recognized me as well. Watching me turn around in his mirror, he waited at the green light (he’s a police officer, so he gets to do things like that:). Once pulled in behind him, I got of the car to tell him where I needed to go. He gave me a hug and said, “Follow me, I’ll take you right there.”

I smiled at how God had sent me an angel to follow…I don’t know many people on the windward side, and what are the chances that one of them is at the corner at 9:30 in the morning, and recognizes me as I pass? Kevin later told me that he’d been delayed over and over again this morning, getting out of the house much later then he’d planned. Following behind my Angel-in-a-Chevy wiped away any doubt that today was a divine appointment.

Master Wu is a gracious, older Chinese man with very limited English and very large, gentle hands. As soon as he put his hand on Abbie’s head she began vocalizing, and did not stop for the entire time he touched her during the first phase of the session. Her face flushed, and her body got splotchy. It was hard work for her. She was complaining in such a way that the dogs in the neighborhood began answering, and soon we had quite the chorus of howls, both girl and canine, echoing through the neighborhood. As it became apparent that this may be too much for her, Master Wu had me come put my hands on Abbie and then he put his hands on me. This seemed to help her, and I liked feeling part of the process and knowing that Jesus was too, because I was praying in His name the whole time.

Dayna had been holding Abbie this whole time, and we thought that perhaps putting her back in her wheelchair would be a comfortable transition. She was soon relaxed and enjoying watching the sailboats, helicopters and airplanes visible from the lanai. Master Wu concentrated on her lower left leg, and a red trail appeared. Fascinating. At the end of his work with her, Abbie was focusing so much better with her eyes that Master Wu was chuckling with delight. His kindness was apparent even as we struggled through our language difficulties.

After we were done with Abbie, we spent a few minutes talking with the help of his wife, Kathy. When we arrived Master Wu had said a Chinese word that starts with “f” that he roughly translated to “oxygen”…as in “long time no oxygen.” At the end of the session he used this word again, at first saying “no” but then nodding and saying, “yes, yes, some”. I turned to Kathy for insight. She said that Master Wu can sense when there is or is not healing potential. He feels that Abbie has much potential, and that the amount of progress she makes will depend largely on her. You know why I smiled when she said that.

I asked Kathy if they have ever worked with an anoxic brain injury survivor. She said that while they have worked with many stroke victims and people with spinal cord injuries, they have never been able to do a “long course of treatment” with a brain injury survivor. Well, here Abbie goes being first again. We plan on seeing Master Wu once a week to see how this goes.

After the session Abbie looked great, and was comfortable and settled. I came home and took a nap, not awaking until Genevieve had relieved Dayna. Genevieve didn’t know about our adventures today, but said, “Oh! This girl is talking, talking, talking today. When we read her books she talks like, ‘I already know that one!’ And, when I asked her if she wanted to touch her Christmas lights she raised her index finger to do it!'”

That finger thing surprised me so I had Genevieve show me exactly what she meant. Who knows if it has anything to do with our visit to Master Wu, but I do know that Abbie is loads more comfortable tonight. She went with us to a lovely dinner and was content, quite, and engaged for over 2 hours. I believe God allowed us to meet Master Wu at this time, because I am in the right place to receive it. I didn’t drive to Kaneohe today hoping he would zap Abbie into walking to the van. I went hoping to bring Abbie some comfort in the process of healing that God is doing in her.

The quest continues, and we go knowing we are attended by angels that our Father sometimes allows us to see.

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  1. I am always amazed at the paths God prepares for us! I believe that was truly divine intervention to get Abbie where she needed to be and on time! Praise God!
    In His Love and Blessings,

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