“Abbie’s Healing” Update

In relating all the details of our recent decisions in the last posting, I forgot one important thing! The “Abbie’s Healing” tab is now completely updated, thanks to help from Jean Egan. I am not an expert in anything besides Abbie, but I wanted to pass on some of what we have learned in the last year or so. I hope you will visit that section of Abbie’s site.

These are challenging days around our house, mostly because we are not having any nights. Abbie is just not sleeping, consequently, neither am I. The hours of 3-5am and 3-5pm have been particularly challenging. In the afternoon she is so uncomfortable that she becomes distraught, and there is not much I can do to calm her. Following a hunch, I measured her voltage during this time of day on Monday. Her overall body voltage was an astounding 48! (Normal is 22 or so). 8 of her 12 meridians were in the the healing range, above 50 millivolts. So, once again this is good stuff with an ugly face. It would be easier if I knew exactly what I was doing, and was certain where this path is leading. But, I don’t. I just have to trust and keep moving, praying for Abbie’s discomfort to be eased.

When she is so uncomfortable, her tone increases markedly, making it more difficult to work with and care for her. I become so obsessed with improving this area that often little signs of progress can slip right by me. Today, Carol came to give her healing touch at 3:15pm, right in the midst of some real struggling for Abbie. At the end of the hour Abbie was quite a bit calmer, and I asked her to say “Thank you” to Auntie Carol. She immediately vocalized, which I thought was sweet and I complimented her for her good manners. A little while later I asked her if she needed new panties, and she immediately vocalized. The light bulb went on…in the middle of suffering, when she should be distracted and uncommunicative, she is using her voice right on cue…that’s a big step!

Back when I was in the Army I used to chuckle at the Special Forces guys who would say, “Plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead”. Once again, my old mantra, “Be careful what you laugh at, for you might become it!” I am on the longest patrol I could’ve imagined, but if all this journey costs me is some sleep, then I am getting the deal of a lifetime. Please, just pray for me not to be cranky with my family (they would appreciate your help in this matter:)

2 thoughts on ““Abbie’s Healing” Update

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Abbie and family.
    Wow! Learning how to read??? That is amazing and exciting. God is good. We are praying you have a blessed time with each other tomorrow.
    Lots of love,
    Stonebraker Ohana

  2. Aloha.. I just read Abby’s story and I just wanted all of you to know she will be in my prayer journal. she is so precious and with the Lord and her loving and supporting family her journey will be a blessed one.

    Aloha ke Akua Joyful

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