The Tennant Biomodulator


Our bodies run on electricity, which is clearly seen in EKGs of the heart, or in the EEG tests of the brain I dreaded so much. While western medicine is good at using the body’s electrical status as a diagnostic tool, it has never attempted on a broad scale to support the body’s electrical system in an effort to resolve illness or heal injuries. Hopefully, that is beginning to change.

Through divine circumstances we were introduced to the Tennant Biomodulator in June 2005. This device is the next generation of a technology developed by the Soviets called SCENAR for use in their Cosmonaut program. The Biomodulator directly addresses one of the areas critical to answering Dr. Tennant’s question, “What does it take to make one healthy cell?”

The body needs voltage to make healthy cells. Basically all chronic illness or failure to recover from injury boils down to a lack of voltage. The brain is the biggest generator of voltage in the body, which begets a vicious cycle for brain-injured people like Abbie. She critically needs voltage to heal this massive injury, yet at the same time her generator has been knocked out by the injury. No wonder it’s been believed for so long that “brain injuries don’t heal”. I hope that idea will die soon as we learn how to compensate for the body’s inability to generate enough voltage on its own. Recovery from brain injury may be prolonged, but I have always believed it is possible. Even in the PICU I could not fathom that our Creator would give us an organ so critically important which lacked the ability to heal.

We apply the Biomodulator either directly to Abbie’s skin or through conductive patches that we stick on her body. There are no side-effects to this treatment, and what encourages me is that I can’t hurt her with it. I will always be working to become more proficient and skilled at how I treat her, but I know I’m not doing anything harmful as I learn. The device runs on a 9-volt battery and provides very specific frequencies to her body. It is much more than just an electrical-stimulation machine, like a TENS unit, and works completely differently. Although I purchased it to use with Abbie, I now use it with my entire family for things like burns, bruises, headaches, muscle injuries, and illness.

It would be impossible for me to condense the two days of lectures we received from Dr. Tennant. I just encourage you with every shred of energy I have to go see him yourself. has information about the Biomodulator, answers to FAQ, and Dr. Tennant’s lecture schedule. He is based in Dallas, but does lecture in other parts of the country as well. The information he gives covers not just the usage of the device, but also an informative overview of energetic medicine as a whole, nutrition, the dental connection to health, and a generous amount of question-and-answer time. Dr. Tennant is a brilliant physician, a pioneer, and, at the root of it, just a very good man. He has dramatically altered the path we were taking with Abbie, and is helping us to fulfill all our hopes for her.