Considering supplements is like being a child in a colossal candy store, it all looks wonderful but eventually becomes overwhelming. We have tried a fair number of things, but certainly not “everything that comes down the pike.”

Here are Abbie’s current supplements, and why we are using them:

Baking Soda: 1/2 teaspoon per day, dissolved in warm water. Yes, the little yellow box often found keeping the fridge odor-free. Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) is a very effective anti-fungal. Please see the section on fungus to learn why using anti-fungals is so powerful and important. The first couple of weeks after we started using this were very stinky around our house…putrid-smelling diapers, stinky sweat and lots of secretions as Abbie started really cleansing the fungal overgrowths that had been flourishing while she was low voltage. So, just be ready when you start using baking soda, that if you or the one you have been caring for has taken rounds of anti-biotics and/or has been low voltage (ill or in pain) for a while, the initial phase of adding this supplement will be challenging. Baking soda has two of my favorite characteristics when it comes to supplements: powerful and cheap!

Armour Thyroid: Please see “Type 2 Hypothyroidism” for more information about why we are using this. We are starting out with 1/2 grain per day and will be increasing by 1/4 grain until Abbie gets to a normal body temperature with a decrease in hypothyroidic symptoms. Made from dessicated (dryed) porcine thyroid this is a natural substance that contains both T3 and T4. It comes in a crushable tablet that we put through Abbie’s tube. Armour Thyroid is very inexpensive, but it can be difficult to find a physician to prescribe it, as they tend to favor synthetics like Synthroid which only contain T4. We began to see changes in Abbie in the second week of supplementation, which include: much better breathing, slimming down around face, tummy and thighs without significant weight loss (she is loosing puffiness, not weight), reduction in size of lower lip and tongue, better temperature regulation, softening of muscle tone and much greater range in her joints. I believe all of these improvements can be directly tied to the reduction of mucin (like mucous, but thicker) in her connective tissues.

Iodoral: As the Type 2 Hypothyroidism section explains, for many people that condition is a result of or compounded by an iodine deficiency. Iodoral is a specially formulated iodine supplement that is 5mg iodine with 7.5 mg idodide as potassium salts. I give Abbie _ tablet per day. It crushes easily, but does not dissolve well in water, so getting it down the tube can be a little tricky.

Pregnenolone: The “master” hormone, because it is the precursor of many others. This can be purchased at a health food store. We only started giving this to Abbie after doing a complete hormone panel to determine the levels of each of her hormones. The hormonal system is delicately balanced, so I don’t recommend just plunging in and treating someone without testing first. Abbie gets 200mg per day.

Smart Silver: 10ppm colloidal silver from Deseret Biologicals (, also can be purchased at GNC as “Silver Biotics” (just ensure that the manufacturer is American Biological Laboratories) This is “nano technology” silver, as opposed to most colloidal silvers in health food stores which are actually ionic. At the beginning of our journey into energetic medicine I read The Body Electric, by Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD. This is a book I cannot recommend highly enough! Dr. Becker is an orthopedic surgeon whose began researching non-healing unions in bones. This eventually piqued his interest in regeneration as a whole, for example, why salamanders can regrow amputated limbs while bullfrogs cannot. Dr. Becker determined that the difference in regenerators versus non-regenerators was the voltages in the limbs following amputation (see pg.73 in his book).

Unfortunately, Dr. Becker is now declining into Alzeihmer’s. When he was having a lucid day last year Dr. Tennant was able to have a long conversation with him about Dr. Becker’s current research, what Dr. Tennant was doing, and their mutual interest in regeneration. The last research Dr. Becker was conducting had to do with silver and stem cell production. Some time after that conversation Dr. Becker sent Dr. Tennant the unfinished research, which has lead us to include Smart Silver in Abbie’s supplement regimen. Dr. Becker also pointed out in The Body Electric that silver prevent infections from growing at surgical sites, and helped heal sites already infected. This is important to me as we prepare for Abbie’s major hip surgery this November.

Deseret Biologicals only sells to licensed medical practioners, but at their site they have listings sources for their products. They also have some very interesting congressional testimony about what their product has been able to do with malaria patients in Africa.

I now use silver to treat things that would normally elicit an antibiotic prescription from the doctor, like Abbie’s ingrown toenails. I also give it to my sons when they have the beginnings of a sore throat or cold and have found it very effective.

Tremal: In September (2007) Dr. Tennant called as he was leaving the office of a Dr. Danhoff. This MD/PhD had been Dr. Tennant’s physiology professor in medical school, but they had not seen each other for a while. In the interim Dr. Danhoff had begun working with very concentrated forms of aloe. Administering it intravenously hospice patients he was able to cure 90 out of 100 of them. Soon after, the FDA raided his clinic and effectively shut him down until a court date two years hence. The court found in favor of Dr. Danhoff, saying that the FDA had been way out of bounds and that Dr. Danhoff had not done anything wrong. However, after 2 years you can’t just start a clinic back up, so Dr. Danhoff found his way back to Dallas. He continues to work with concentrated aloe, both in IV and oral forms and has been getting very interesting neurological results in his patients. We started Abbie on Tremal at the end of September, working our way up to 5 tsp. per day. We have seen the complete ceasing of her seizures and things that looked like muscle spasms or tics. It is thought that the Tremal may support remyelination in the body, and we are currently looking at this as a project that will take at least a year.

Dextrol: Another aloe-based liquid supplement, Abbie gets 5ml twice a day. This supplement is geared toward supporting the immune system. We saw an immediate spike in Abbie’s voltage after adding this in – in fact, it took her a few days to really get used to it.

Floradix Iron + Herbs: Abbie’s ferritin levels came back very low on a blood test (results which I unfortunately didn’t receive for four months.) The recommended dosage for her age is 10mg of iron, which 10ml of this liquid supplement (easily found at health food stores) provides. Low iron seems to be a common issue among brain injury survivors, and this product seems to be a favorite remedy for many I have spoken with. Things we are no longer (or not currently) using and why:

Ambrotose: I do think this was a help when we first started using it. It was our first foray into supplementation, and I am grateful for it. But, as we became more educated and more attuned to Abbie’s specific needs, the cost/benefit ratio of this expensive supplement just no longer balanced out in favor of continuing usage. Abbie gets glyconutrients in FrequenSea, and I did not note any regression or negative changes when we stopped using Ambrotose.

PhosChol: Pure Phosphatidylcholine, which is important for the brain. However, it is quite expensive, and just like Ambrotose, didn’t balance out for right now. We may add it back in again later.

Fish Oil: I don’t know that I made a concrete decision not to use this, it just sort of fell out of the rotation as I researched and began using other things. I am considering adding Krill oil back into her diet.

Vitamin B12 (cyancobalamin) Because B12 is so critical for healing, I was using this as a cream made by a compounding pharmacists. However, the “cyan” form of B12 does not a good form of B12; the “methyl” form is. The methyl form is not as stable as the cyan form, so is not available in a cream. It is administered by shots or nasal spray. I want to add the nasal spray into Abbie’s regimen, however the research consistently stated that supplementation with nasal spray needed to be started when there would be no other changes for at least 5 weeks. With Abbie’s upcoming surgery, as well as the other things we are adding/changing, we will probably not have an appropriate window until January.

DHEA: Abbie was receiving 1ml of a 5mg/ml cream made by a compounding pharmacist. We started this supplementation after doing a hormone panel that showed her DHEA level was incredibly low. This problem was compounded by her very high cortisol level, because the body needs DHEA to offset cortisol. Adding DHEA greatly helped Abbie with temperature regulation, and also seemed to help with muscle tone. We stopped as a result of all that we are learning about Type 2 Hypothyroidism. Dr. Tennant is finding that even with bio-identical hormone supplementation he could not fix hormone levels without fixing the thyroid. So, we are focusing “upstream”, if you will, through treating her thyroid and keeping her on Pregnenolone, which is the precursor of other hormones, including DHEA. We did not stop giving her DHEA until she had started Armour Thyroid and Iodoral. We did not note any negative changes when we stopped the DHEA.