A nice, boring trip to the pediatrician yesterday ruled out anything acute that could be contributing to Abbie’s current trials. Actually, in many ways she is doing great. Her oxygen needs have been about zero, while staying at 98-99 through the night, her heart rate stays around 90 even when awake, with 130 her new “I’m ticked off” number. 160 used to be the point at which we knew she was mad. She is maintaining her weight, even though she hasn’t had her normal diet in almost 2 weeks, and her strength is increasing each day. Go figure. Just makes me think of Daniel and his friends who, trusting and honoring God, grew stronger on vegetables than on the bounty from the king’s table.

Dr. L. even got to see Abbie being naughty. As we picked her up off the table to put her in her chair she straightened out her whole body, which elicited groans from us and a huge grin and dimple from her. “Board Baby” is one of her favorite tricks, and we all all laughed at her amusement, and the show of her personality. However, today when getting her off the potty Debbie warned her that if she did that, she may drop her and then they’d never get to have a sleep over. Limp as a noodle! Debbie said, “Don’t tell me that girl doesn’t know what she is doing and what she wants!!”

I will be orienting a new nurse tomorrow — always a little challenging to try to be comprehensive without overwhelming, and to welcome yet another person into our lives without appearing weary.

If you would, please just lift up some specific prayers for Abbie (some are a bit mundane,and some are quite audacious):

— Femurs to regain normal shape and move back into sockets (that’s in the second category)

— For all the parts of her brain to communicate and work together; for regrowth, reconnection and renewal.

— For ever decreasing muscle tone and increasing strength.

— For her to always know how absolutely she is loved and cherished, and for there to be joy in every day for her.

And, speaking of prayers for little girls, could I ask you to also pray for Abbie’s little friend, Mia? She is Jim and Remle’s daughter, and is very much a Daddy’s girl. Please pray that even at her young age God would grant her supernatural grace and comfort as she faces the possibility of her Daddy going to Heaven soon. Pray that she will sense God’s protection and refuge in a palpable way as she loses the most tangible provision of these in her life. I guess, as a mommy, I just don’t want her heart to break, but as a child of God I know He is very good at keeping all the pieces and making something wonderful and new with them.