Perservering Kindness

Things are moving along with Abbie…I still don’t have a great understanding of what we are watching unfold, but she is forging ahead despite that. It helps that we have such great companions. Pam Wilson is the grandmother of Jordan, a near-drowning survivor in Tennessee. Jordan and his mom Jeannie were at Dr. Tennant’s clinic in Dallas when we were in January. Pam called today and said, “I really need to compare notes!” I asked, “Really high muscle tone, still needing suppositories?” “Yes, and yes” were her answers. Not only that, but Jordan and Abbie’s voltage readings are very similar, and we are seeing shifts in the same sequences at nearly the same times. So, to me this means that we are observing a pattern of healing. Jordan was injured much more recently than Abbie, and when we saw them in January he hadn’t progressed quite as far into his recovery yet. But, here they are having vision gains, doing new things, struggling with similar challenges, and having voltage measurments that are incredibly in synch. This tells me two things: it doesn’t matter where the starting point is, and and doesn’t matter how long it has been since the injury. The recovery pattern seems indifferent to both of these variables, which brings great hope!

Speaking of Jordan, I would like to ask each of you to help “Make Room for Jordan”…his family is pretty far through the process of “Extreme Home Makeover” selection. One key factor is a petition, signed by as many people as possible, encouraging ABC to choose them. They have over 18,000 signatures so far, but would like to present 30,000 to the network. Please go to and look for the “Make Room for Jordan” link on the right side. He has an incredible, loving family. But, there are currently 3 adults and 5 children living in a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath house, which is tight even before adding in all his equipment and supplies. I cannot think of a more deserving family, so I pray that you will make the time to add your name and your prayers.

The theme of this past week for me has boiled down to two words, “How’s Abbie?” Everywhere I go, whether among strangers or old friends, I have answered that question more this week than in a long time. I went for some medical tests last Thursday, and the technician, Doreen, asked that before anything else. I’d never met her, but she said she and her coworkers follow Abbie’s progress via this blog. We spent this weekend at Ihilani, a wonderful hotel, where Ray had a work retreat. I cannot count the times I was asked that question…in the elevator, in the buffet line, at the pool. Yesterday I went to an ICU to be with our precious friend, John, whose father is fighting cancer. John has coached the twins’ baseball teams for years, and his dad was often at the games. I arrived to find his father sitting up in bed, but needing lots of oxygen through his mask. John said, “This is RJ’s know RJ, the scrappy one.” That made me smile, but what his dad said made me cry. From behind his mask he said, “Yea, yea I know RJ…How’s your daughter? She’s your youngest, right?” Here is this man fighting for his life, in great discomfort and stress, and the first thing he asks me about is Abbie?? This care, this kindness is so mind-blowing to me because it is perservering kindness. It has been almost three years now and people are still asking, people are still praying. It’s very human to be kind and caring in a moment of crisis, it is divine to be kind and caring years later. We are so abundantly blessed because of you!

After my women’s Bible study today one of the ladies shared a story with me while we stood by our cars. She spoke of an old friend whose daughter, Elizabeth, had nearly drowned at age three. It cost this woman her marriage, custody of Elizabeth, and many years of pain. She told me how this mom eventually got her daughter back and felt she saw many miracles in the 25 years Elizabeth lived after her accident, even though she never recovered beyond tracking with her eyes and making utterances. I could relate to seeing the blessing in all that, but honestly, on the drive home it made me cry out to God. “Please, Lord, if that is your plan for Abbie, would you tell me. I’m not asking when you will heal her, or even if you will…but if you are not going to heal her before Heaven, we will still rejoice in her miracles, treasure having her here and walk every step of this leaning on You…but could you prepare me for that?” I guess I prayed about this for twenty minutes or so before I was clearly impressed that the answer I was seeking would be found in the Scriptures.

As I arrived at school to pick up the kids, I pulled out my Bible study workbook, figuring I could use my waiting time to work on my memory verse for next week. As I opened to the right page, my heart started beating fast, and then I read the verse, knowing it was the answer. I am so thankful that God doesn’t expect us to be brave all the time, to walk without ever fainting or doubting, and that when I cried out to Him for reassurance He so quickly answered.
He gave me Isaiah 61:4:

“They will rebuild the ancient ruins,
and restore the places long devastated;
they will renew the ruined cities
that have been devastated for generations.”

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  1. It is great that you are trying to help Jordan’s family. If they are selected for Extreme Home Makeover PLEASE post when the show would be aired.
    God Bless you Tiffany for your love and concern for others

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