Chatty Kathy

That’s Abbie’s new nickname. She has been so vocal lately, that finally yesterday Debbie asked her “Are you telling me something or are you just talking.” She was just talking, just enjoying the sound of her voice. She is also using that voice to demand more interaction, particularly from her brothers. I had a talk with them yesterday about how suddenly it seems that Abbie is changing quickly, and that we have to be prepared to change with her. We have all gotten pretty used to how things have been for quite a while now, but I let them know that she is no longer going to settle for a quick “Hey, Abbie!” as they come through the door.

She enjoys it so much when they read books to her, play with her, even just sit up on her bed and watch movies with her. I think she is now figuring out how to make sure it happens more often. I’ve sensed for a while that as she improves each day, it is going to squish our comfort zone a little, and that even good things can cause turbulence during adjustment. I am really excited about her forcing us out of our ruts. She always was a little (lot) bossy — it takes a big personality for a little girl to be in charge of four older brothers! I am thrilled to see this part of her emerging!

Rolfing went well for both of us yesterday. I am so glad I got to experience it so that I can understand what Abbie is going through. I’ll write more details later, because I am fading fast right now.

I do want to pass on that Dr. Tennant made a 25-minute DVD that gives an overview of his approach to health. Although he could probably lecture for an entire day on each of the points, Dr. Tennant did a great job at boiling everything down so you can get a complete picture. If you are interested in a copy, please email me at

Also, for those in Hawaii, it turns out that Dr. Tennant will be teaching a Level 1 Biomodulator course in August after all. I believe it will be 8/23-26. for more info.

I hope to be able to post again before Easter, but in case time gets away from me, I hope that it is a very special time for you and your family. Each Easter since Abbie was injured has had such a different flavor for me, and this one is turning out to be pure sugar. We are in a good place, and each day keeps getting brighter!