Things are Changing

In a journey of mostly intangible and unmeasurable advances, it is nice to have a concrete marker once in a while. As Abbie has recovered from the illness she just had (or finished the cleansing she was doing, which is what I think was really going on), she has provided us a good, solid token of improvement. Once I was again able to feed her the normal menu of raw milk and eggs, I found that she only needed half the amount of digestive enzymes we were giving her before. In fact, the previous amount made her sick! So, to me this says that her liver is functioning significantly better, and things inside her are truly changing. Hurrah!

We have been enjoying a visit from my Uncle Tim and Aunt Lois. They were here last February, and it has been exciting to hear their numerous comments about how different Abbie is now, as if “she’s just going to start talking to us any minute!” Tim noticed how engaged Abbie is in what is going on around her, and picked up on how much she wants to be part of the kid-chaos that is almost constant around here. Comments like theirs really spur us on to continue to push forward.

And, God showed me once again this week how faithful and merciful He is. You may recall me writing about my special friend Katie Chesire when her husband Walt was deployed to Iraq. She was alone with 6 kids ages 8 and under. During his deployment she developed Grave’s disease, and the course of treatment the physician was recommending would’ve prevented her from having any more children, which was a heartbreaking thought to her. She found an alternative route to regain her health, Walt came home safe, and this weekend they welcomed Iliana Kailani Grace to their litter of kittens. I remembered crying for Katie, and now I wept with joy — God has heard and answered their cries in the most precious way possible. He is more than able, and His love is unfathomable! That little girl, not even a week old yet, is a powerful beacon in my life, shining out the message “Steady on!!”

One thought on “Things are Changing

  1. Tiffany,
    We experienced some challenges with the insurance companies and therapy on two different occasions. One was very recent and we also shed many tears over it, as well as felt a great deal of anger. It was like “Why now?”
    Jordan is really making progress and a whole month without it could be a huge setback. It seemed that Jordan would be without therapy of any kind for at least a month regardless of any efforts that we made. Jeannie prayed for Divine guidance and then spent all day on the phone, but she did get the desired result. Jordan only missed one week of therapy.
    Please know that we will be praying for you during this time as well. We pray that God intervene on your behalf and grant you His provision, protection, and peace that passes understanding.
    Your words of encouragement are often what keeps us going. God’s hugs have human arms and I hope you can feel the one that is being sent your way right now. Thank you for your continued willingness to share your pain as well as your triumphs. It so helps those of us who share your journey, as well as inspires us to keep on going no matter what the obstacles. Your faith is so evident and beautiful.
    May God bless you abundantly.

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