Family Vacation and Fellow Travelers

We are back after a wonderful getaway to Kaua’i, with many details to share. But, before I dive into that I know many of you have been faithfully praying for Caleb, (“Kamakana” to his family), so I want to give you a current status.

I was able to meet his dad and mom, Brandon and Kehau, as well as his baby brother last Thursday. I didn’t know what to say at first except, ‘We have been where you are.” Brandon shared details of the event with me, saying that Kehau was at Bible study when Caleb was found. After they arrived at Kapiolani, Brandon was taken to a separate room (I knew just the room he was talking about.) They then came in and told him that his son had been pronounced dead. Hearing this, Brandon went running to the trauma room to pray over his son and call him back. As his prayers were going up, Caleb’s heart started beating again. God said, “YES!” As they asked about how Abbie is, I shared that although to human eyes it may look to some that we are still awaiting our miracle, God said “YES!” to us on May 3, 2004, just as their pleas were answered last week. Now, for both Caleb and Abbie it’s just a matter of walking the path marked out for them. I would have NEVER have chosen for it to take this long, but as I continue to see every day, there are abundant reasons.

I visited Caleb again today, in time to hear the nurse say they are turning the vent setting down to 8, and beginning to feed him more through his NG tube. I watched as he consistently over-breathed the ventilator, and also as his respiratory rate rose dramatically as visitors talked to him. “Look!” I said to Kehau, “Look at his numbers…he is listening!” Caleb has not had any swelling in his brain, so given what he has been through he is doing terrific!! I witnessed the same grace that carried Ray and I surround Brandon and Kehau. Please keep all of them in your prayers. They have set up a blog for Caleb:

Now to Miss Abbie…this was the first time that we had nursing help during a vacation. I was hesitant about this, not wanting her to be “left out”. Ray was equally firm in wanting me to get a chance to relax and spend time with the other kids. Since he is on Kaua’i for business every week, he was able to coordinate to have a fantastic nurse come each of the four days we were there. The first day I hung out with Kathleen and Abbie quite a bit, just to build up a comfort level. I learned what a broad background Kathleen has, but more importantly what a caring person she is. When Ray came to lure me to the pool, Abbie scowled as I explained that I would be right back. By the fourth day Abbie smiled as she heard Kathleen arrive in the morning! I decided that instead of trying to convince Kathleen about how great Abbie is doing, I would let Abbie do most of the convincing herself. Boy, did she!

Towards the end of the first day, Kathleen said, “She can see me, can’t she?? And..she’s listening to everything we say!” She was surprised at how in-tune and responsive Abbie was. The third day Kathleen almost teared up as she told me, “I asked her if she wanted to do her ballerina stretches, and she nodded her head ‘yes’, so we did them!” By the end of our stay in Kaua’i Kathleen knew, as the rest of us do, that Abbie is right there, just trying to make her body work again.

It seems that we may be getting a break from the “high liver phase” middle of the night wake-ups. The third night we were there the time shifted to 4am, and the first night we were home we all slept through the night!! When we arrived home a new air purifier was waiting, so I placed it at the foot of Abbie’s bed that night. I don’t know if it was solely responsible, but that night she slept all night with sats of 99. Her tone is incredible — soft, open hands, loose arms resting down by her side, legs that bend and move easily.

And, it seems we’ve hit another skin healing spike, both with her burn and with her trach stoma. The burned area is now all level, with no little valleys or pockets left. The few discolored spots left are fading quickly. There will come a day when all will be perfect skin again! Yesterday I heard this really funny whistling noise, and then realized it was air coming through her trach. The opening has gotten so small that it creates a little symphony when air passes.

Carol came to give Abbie healing touch yesterday and was overjoyed with how she looked. At the end of a very powerful session she said, “You know, since you went to Texas I think her healing is coming faster and faster.” I totally agree, and we are so excited!

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  1. I’ve been following Abby’s progress for a long time. I first found your site through Izzy’s. Abby’s progress is so amazing and I rejoice with you. I continue to lift Abby and your family in prayer regularly and have faith that God will continue to touch Abby with his healing hand. Thank you for sharing your little girl with so many – your faith is contagious!

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