Neurodevelopmental Assessment

Yesterday was the first time we had seen Linda Kane, Abbie’s neurodevelopmentalist, in 16 months. I was very curious to see what her impression of Abbie would be, because we had not kept up with the neurodevelopmental program she’d designed for us, but I felt like Abbie had made lots of progress in spite of that.

Linda was thrilled with how Abbie looked, what she’s doing now, and commented that she is “in a much different place” now. Yipee!! She made a comment that matched almost exactly something I’d verbalized to Ray the night before. Abbie is now in a place where she is ready to recieve all the input we will be giving her through the program. She’ll be able to take the input, use it, synthesize it, and move forward. It is so exciting and motivating! We can’t wait to get started!

Part of the assessment is recorded in a grid that covers six areas (gross motor, expressive language, fine motor, visual, auditory, and tactility). Each of these areas has nine levels of mastery. Abbie had a total of five level gains on this assessment, with additional progress within some other levels. This was amazing to me since this would be a good assessment even if we’d been faithful with the program.

Of course, on the day we saw Linda, Abbie was not feeling well. She began vomiting on Monday afternoon, so I put her on clear liquids for the rest of the day. We tried her normal food on Tuesday morning. That effort lasted about 10 minutes. I suspected that she might be in the midst of a liver cleansing period because it’s been 7 weeks since we went to Dallas. The liver replacement cycle is 6-8 weeks, so we’re right at the point where a whole “new” healthy liver may be ready to get rid of all the toxins she’s had stored in there for so long now. So, I started giving her liver cleansing liquids, and also began giving her an overnight drip of extra water and a liver cleanse I blended up for her. She’s been much happier on this regimen, but I suppose if I were nauseated I would be much happier on chicken broth, water, and juices than milk and eggs!

As I was reading through my new favorite book, “Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis” there was a whole chapter on structural integration. Dr. Oschman covers in detail the effects of misalignments in the body (I was thinking of Abbie’s hips) and problems with the fascia (connective tissues). Abbie’s shortened tendons and adhering fascia in other parts of the body may be really impeding the flow of energy in her body, and therefore may be hampering her healing. The best approach to recitify this is something called “Rolfing”, or “Structural Integration”. After completing the chapter, I was convicted that Rolfing treatments could really help Abbie, so I googled Rolfing in Hawaii (thank you Lord, for Google) and found three practitioners on Oahu. The first one on my list had a phone prefix in my area, but a woman answered the phone and said he’d moved to Seattle. I was about to hang up the phone in disappointment when she asked if she could help because she is also a Rolfer. Hurrah! She lives very close to us, so I made an appointment for 3/23. I asked Linda Kane what she thought of Rolfing, and she enthusiastically endorsed it, saying many of clients have seen great benefit. “But,” she cautioned, “it’s really difficult to find a practitioner.” I smiled and told her that God has already provided for that need! I am anxious to try this. You can read about this approach at

So, we had a wonderful day yesterday. Abbie’s appointment was in Waimanalo, which gave us the opportunity to relish that beautiful drive. The weather was perfect, all was well…and then Ray came home with news that seemed so incongruent with the joy and beauty we’d been surrounded with all day. A co-worker called him on the way home because her little nephew drowned the day before, and is now fighting for his life in the same PICU where Abbie’s journey began. I couldn’t reconcile, as I looked out at the fading golden light of evening, that at that very moment a family gathered in a windowless room, overwhelmed with the grief and fear I recall too vividly. Please, please pray with us that the Lord would restore Caleb to his family!

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  1. Today I stumbled on your amazing story, obviously led by God. I work at a church in Savannah, GA and I was searching for some specific info on prayer and by some fluke of technology (not really, it must be God), your site was the only one that was a result of my church. I have a nephew who was in an accident two weeks after his first birthday. He normally went stayed with my mother-in-law when my sister-in-law was taking a class, but my mother-in-law was out of town for vacation. He was at a home daycare that was widely used and recommended by members of our church. He was left alone in a high chair that did not have a restraint between the legs and he slipped down so that the tray cut of his airway. He was left that way for several minutes. That was in August of 2001. Today he is still living, six years later. Though, he has not improved the way that your sweet Abbie has.
    I don’t know why I felt compelled to share this with you, but I did. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s wonderful to hear of God’s people staying strong in the face of adversity!

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