A New Clock

Sometimes it takes a few days of observation to start putting pieces together. Last week Abbie started something new. Around 7pm every evening. all the tone in her body would disappear. We could do anything we wanted with her arms and legs, she became an absolute rag doll. By the morning her tone would have returned. This went on for about five evenings in a row, and then the time of relaxation shifted to 9pm. When that happened, she awoke in the morning as soft as she’d been the night before, and stayed looser than normal through the day.

Intrigued that the time was usually so exact, and that a two hour shift had changed the effect I wondered if it was related to the organ phases in her body. As I’ve described before, there are twelve circuits we are treating, corresponding to twelve organs. Each of these circuits has a “high phase” and a “low phase” during the day. I went to the textbook from Dr. Tennant’s seminar and found that at 7pm the pericardium circuit goes into high phase, and at 9pm it’s the “Triple Heater” circuit (related to eastern medicine…too long to explain here). That was sort of interesting, but didn’t mean much until I looked a little deeper.

Being a circuit, there are more things affected than just the namesake, so I found that located on the pericardium circuit are the cardiovascular and parasympathetic systems, while the Triple Burner has the lymph, eye and sympathetic system. Hmmm….parasympathetic and sympathetic. These systems are at the base level of control, and have not been operating correctly since Abbie’s injury. Could it be that we are getting progress in these systems which is showing up in their high phases?? No one can say for sure, since Abbie is the first to travel this path, but it is interesting.

The Organ Phase clock may also be playing into Abbie’s oxygen need. Lately she’s been needing extra oxygen from around 11am to 3pm in the afternoon. There’s no real change in her respiratory system, and her lungs sound the same, but her sats drop. Looking at the chart again, this time I was more interested in the what circuits were in low phase at that time, because their names were very familiar to me…Gall Bladder and Liver. Abbie has trouble maintaining voltage in these circuits. So, I am thinking that during their low phase, since they already lack voltage, they just drop off the cliff. As soon as their low phase is over, Abbie’s sats generally pop right back up and she doesn’t need oxygen any more.

So, Abbie’s new clock may have a lot to tell us about why some symptoms present and then disappear, what progress she’s making, and just how much the electrical system impacts overall health.

On that note, if what I am talking about sounds like gobbly-gook, but you’d like to understand it better, please get ahold of the book “Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis” by James Oschman. Dr. Tennant gave me this book to read while I was in Dallas. I am still working my way through it but am absolutely amazed so far. It’s expensive for a paperback, but worth every cent!

We are taking Abbie to see Linda Kane, her neurodevelopmentalist, on Wednesday. Everything I am learning re-convicts me about the importance of doing a ND program with Abbie. It is going to challenge us timewise, but we are committed to getting it done each day. I will be curious to see what Linda’s assessment of Abbie is since we haven’t seen her in a while. Please pray that Abbie would be bright and alert on Wednesday morning.

School continues to go well. I am so impressed with the graduate students who are working with the kids. Each and every time we go they have done something to improve the program. It has also been exciting to watch their development as therapists, as they begin to independently assess and problem solve.

All our days are good, and I pray the same for you!

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  1. This treatment sounds so interesting and I really appreciate you sharing the information. I pray for Abby’s recovery and for your family regularly. God is good and answers our prayers!

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