Looking Ahead

Near the end of our trip to Dallas. I like this picture because it says much to me about what is going on inside Abbie – looking out, waiting for tomorrow, patiently hoping, quietly knowing.

We got the lab results for Abbie’s hormone tests late last week. As expected her cortisol levels were very high in each of the four samples we took (four different times of the day). Dr. Tennant wrote that there’s not much we can do about this until “the injury heals”. The initial let-down in my quest for a “quick-fix” booster was quickly counteracted by a re-reading of his message. Until the injury heals…we are now approaching her care with that end point in mind…a healing of the injury! There is also an issue with her TSH being very high, yet her having normal thyroid levels. Apparently, this can indicate a problem with iodine loading, so we’ll also be testing that soon. Abbie’s DHEA levels were very low, and this hormone is especially needed when cortisol levels are high. In doing research I’ve found all sources recommend that DHEA supplements not be given to children, but then I found this revealing summary on MedlinePlus,

Children (younger than 18 years):
The dosing and safety of DHEA are not well studied in children. In theory, DHEA could interfere with normal hormone balance and growth in children

So, if the biggest theoretical concern is that DHEA supplementation could interfere with normal hormone balance, then this certainly doesn’t apply to Miss Abbie who is nowhere close to normal right now. We’re getting pretty used to researching things “not well studied” and I’m sure we’ll be able to come up with a prudent approach for this as well.

I am actually running out the door right now to go see my friends Remle and Jim — please pray for them! The whole story is at www.pray4jim.blogspot.com . Jim is fighting colon cancer, and after surgery last week found out he is stage 4. At times like this I plead with God to use every ounce of what He’s taught us over these past few years to help me minister to others finding their way in the dark.

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  1. I came across this on another little one’s site and thought it so appropriate for Abbie’s story. The other site is:
    http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/abeltyson in case anyone would like to visit & offer up some prayers for this little boy.

    based on Matthew 9:1-8

    Here, hidden in a brief story of Jesus’ healing power, we have a model of the church. A paralyzed man cannot make it to the Healer on his own. He needs his friends. Did he ask them to take him? Or did they decide on their own what their friend needed? Either way, it was their faith that moved Jesus. Not just the faith of the cripple, but the faith of the group as a whole. It was a community effort. A group of guys acting on behalf of the one in need.

    Rarely in Scripture is God’s work between Him and only one person. He works through community. His plans are too great to be appreciated in isolation. Jesus promises to be where two or more are gathered in His name. He tells us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. He defines us as His body – many parts working together as one whole. He has revealed Himself through the nation of Israel, and He works through the church to reach a needy world. Though God will work with us as individuals, He does it for other to see. God is a group experience.

    God’s purpose in the world is to display His glory. Sometimes that is for one or two people to see, but usually not. Usually, He wants as many people as possible to observe His answer to prayer. Usually, He wants as many as possible to hear His stories of deliverance. Usually, He wants people who come to Him to be brought by others who believe in Him. This is our work – carrying our wounded to Jesus in faith, so that we all may be “filled with awe” (v.8) and give praise to God.

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