Getting Readjusted

I found this on the front porch of the home we stayed in while in Dallas. We normally entered through the garage, so it was a week before I opened the front door to find this amazing message – on one page I had the reminder to believe, and on the next page the reminder that love always wins! He has always prepared our path long before we walk it!

I apologize for being late in getting a “Post-Dallas” update written. Last week was a whirlwind of activity and readjustment. We got Abbie’s long awaited stander on Tuesday. There were some other pieces of equipment that we’d also been wanting to get for Abbie, and they all arrived on the same day! It was like Christmas in January. She looks wonderful in her stander, and we can now truly see how long her legs are – she really is a ballerina-to-be! We also got a special needs stroller for her. What a blessing! I recently purchase a carseat for her, in case we needed it during our trip. So, now we can go out and about without the clunky old wheelchair.

We did just that on Saturday, when I took her to Waimanalo Beach Park to watch RJ’s baseball game. That park, I still can’t decide if the patch of land was stolen from the sea, or given up by the mountains, and I marveled that we got to relax in such a beautiful spot. Abbie enjoyed being in the sun and meeting a new puppy. She was quite upset at the potluck, because she is so frustrated. Although I know it is a good thing, it still hurts my heart to hear her cry!

Last week almost marked Abbie’s first day of “school”!! Her two-day-a-week program at the University of Hawaii began on Friday. Her favorite things were watering the plants (she grinned as soon as she saw the dirt), and singing the songs. Three hours is a long time for Abbie to work hard, and she was exhausted when she got home. But, last night when putting her to bed I told her she needed to get to sleep to be ready for school, and down came the eyelids. She really enjoys it, and I am excited to see how she will develop over the next few months! I am also happy that we are part of a training program for future therapists, so that when they graduate and are working they will be very comfortable and confident in working with kids like Abbie.

We continue to see small signs of the work that is going on inside Abbie’s body right now. I will often catch her chewing now, bringing her bottom jaw completely up to her top and clicking her teeth. She couldn’t do this a month ago. Her vision is also improving to the point where today there was confusion about which was her good side. She always sees much better to the right, but today she was consistently looking, and seeing to the left.

I am going to post a couple more updates because I can’t seem to get the pictures to go where I want them if I have more than one…you Blogger professionals…Help!!