On the way home

(Written yesterday, 1/27)

We’re sitting in foggy San Francisco, halfway home! What an amazing two weeks we had in Dallas. After Abbie and I went for our final hyperbaric dive yesterday afternoon, she had another MEAD test done, to check her voltage.

During the first week we were thrilled to see the three circuits, or meridians, that the brain is on go up into the healing range of voltage, 50-70 millivolts. And, we were shocked to see her total body voltage go up to 43, since that’s about the ceiling, as total body voltage never gets up into healing range itself.

Ooops!! Did Abbie just hear someone say “never”? It seems that she did, because in her normal fashion, she has proven that word should never be used in connection with her. On Friday, her total body voltage was at an astounding 53!! Healing range! Dr. Tennant has never seen body voltage this high, and really never expected to….then he met Miss Abbie. It was fun to watch him react to those numbers. In addition to that Olympic-level overall voltage, 8 of her 12 circuits are also in healing range, with the other four hovering just below that threshold. Her three brain circuits all remain in the healing range, which Dr. Tennant said is also very unusual. He normally sees 2 of the 3 at one time, but never all three. Ha – another “never” Abbie gets to kick to the curb.

As I thought more about what this all means, and wondered if Ray and the boys would see big differences when we get off the plane, I realized that this truly is just like a pregnancy. When the EPT test stick turns pink, no one else can see anything different about you, and until you end up repeatedly hugging the toilet, it may not even seem like a reality. But, the process has begun, and over the coming months life begins to blossom and the evidence becomes abundantly clear that a baby is on the way. These voltage tests were our stick finally turning pink – the outward signs are just beginning, but the healing process leading to Abbie’s complete re-birth is definitely underway. And, the great part is, I can still eat anything I want!

As we were leaving the clinic on Friday Abbie was playing around with Debbie and giving her beautiful smiles. Jean’E, one of Dr. Tennant’s nurses, wanted to capture this on film, but by the time she got the camera Abbie wouldn’t smile at all. After we gave up and put the camera away, Debbie noticed a tear coming down Abbie’s cheek. She asked her if the reason she wouldn’t smile for the camera was because she didn’t want to leave all her new friends in Dallas, and Abbie immediately started clucking. I think she realizes as much as we do what a special and important trip this was, and how incredible the people are that God blessed us with in Dallas.

Abbie also developed a new love while we were in Texas…the fireplace. We were so blessed to stay in the home of some precious friends while in Dallas, and they had a gas fireplace that was on every moment Abbie was there. If she wasn’t sleeping in her bed or getting a bath, she was lying in front of the fireplace. When Debbie asked her if she wanted to take it home with her, Abbie immediately and forcefully indicated ‘YES!” Alas, it would not fit in the suitcase, so we’ll just have to make do with votive candles at home.

While we were at the clinic we found out that Dr. Tennant will only be teaching one Level 1 Biomodulator course in Honolulu, rather than two. It will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Waikiki, February 15-17. The evening of the 15th will be a free lecture about healing and voltage, while the 16th and 17th will be the training course for the Biomodulator. If you live in Hawaii and have been thinking about attending, I can’t encourage you strongly enough – for two reasons: now that we’ve spent time in Dallas I am even more convinced about the potential this technology holds for true healing, and since it will be the only course offered in Hawaii this year I would hate the opportunity to pass you by. For more information you can contact Barbara at 817-939-8188. Of course, if you can also email me with questions (varasix@aol.com)

There were many heroes in this trip, but the one that rises above them all is Debbie. She has been “on-duty” for two weeks straight, taking care of little details, big diapers, and always making sure Abbie had what she needed. There’s no way in the world we could have done this without her, and we will be forever indebted to her.

We went to bed around midnight last night, and my alarm was set for 5am, but around 4:30am something very interesting happened. I was awakened by two urgent cries from Abbie, and looked to find her rolling off her pillow, heading toward the floor. When I reached over to grab her I could feel her holding herself for all she was worth, trying to keep from falling. This is a huge step in many respects: she realized she was falling and was able to quickly alert me, and she used muscular protective responses to keep from falling. She couldn’t do these things just a short time ago. Even scary things are giving us rays of hope these days – what incredible days these are!

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  1. “on the way home”…such a perfect title to your entry and not because you are returning to HI!!! Loved reading every word!
    Since the day she was born she has been kicking down barriers…didn’t we all think there was no way Tiffany could produce anything but a boy…
    Love to you all!

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