Please Pray for Our Trip

I spoke with Dr. Tennant a couple of hours ago, and I’m glad I ‘d just checked the weather forecast for Dallas so that what he said didn’t completely throw me for a loop. Dallas is in the midst of an ice storm that is predicted to last through Monday. I am concerned about the drive from the airport to our hotel, and even more curious about how weather that cold is going to affect Abbie. And, those worries are all predicated on the assumption that we actually make it to DFW tomorrow afternoon.

We are alse scheduled to go through Denver, and with with images of stranded travelers at that airport fresh in my mind, there is a temptation to delay our travel plans. However, coordinating oxgyen for each of our three legs (to Seattle, then Denver to Dallas) takes more lead time than we now have so we are going to push ahead and stick to our current itinerary. I think God is reiterating that not only did he tell me “Go” last Sunday, but he also told me “Trust”.

When I talked to Dr. Tennant he shared with me that many other children will be in his clinic next week. I am excited to meet families in person whom I’ve only corresponded with, and look forward to seeing what will happen with those children while in Dallas.

We’re pretty much all packed, and we don’t even leave for the airport for another five hours, so I am pretty impressed with myself at this point. Actually, Debbie did most of the packing for Abbie so that I didn’ t have a complete mental meltdown. Please, if you would, raise up extra prayers for us tonight and tomorrow. I will update from the other end as soon as we get there.

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  1. Tiffany,
    We are too hit by the ‘ice storm.’ I just went driving around and they are doing pretty well here clearing the main roads so I hope that will be the case for Dallas too. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Please let me know how it goes there. I am really interested in that.

  2. Hello! I’ve been reading about Abby for quite some time now, learning about her from Samantha Palumbo’s mother, Diana. I used to live in San Dimas, CA very near where Samantha had her accident. Now I’m in Texas, very close to Dallas. I’d love to meet Abby and see her beautiful dimple! (9 1/2 years ago my husband suffered a brain injury also. His story has a happy ending!) If you feel like it, please let me know if it would be alright to stop by and say hello! I’m at:

    Love, Kris Kahle

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