Nick’s gift

Nick looks on in anticipation as Abbie opens her gift from him.

I couldn’t write this update until I had pictures to do it justice. Nick is Debbie’s great-nephew and he spends every Friday night with her. He and Abbie have become quite good pen pals. They met in person last summer when he brought over a Build-a-Bear (that is actually a dog) that he made for Abbie. A few months ago he decided that he wanted to make Abbie a quilt for Christmas. So, he picked out fabric, came up with a pattern, cut it out and learned how to sew. Each weekend he and Debbie would work on “the project.” Did I mention he is six?? At Christmas time he came over to present the fruit of all that labor to Abbie. I had tears in my eyes looking at how much love and thoughtfulness had gone into the quilt. He had picked a bright yellow ladybug fabric, since we’ve called her “Ladybug” since she was a baby. Nick was quite proud of the fabric that was a comic strip about the Kool-Aid man. But the best square of all is the one pictured above, his signature block. Have you ever seen anything more precious? We take this quilt everywhere with us, since it literally wraps her in love.