Big D

An amazing window of opportunity swung open this weekend, and we are going to jet through it, courtesy of United Airlines. This Saturday, Debbie, Abbie and I are going to fly to Dallas to spend two weeks at Dr. Tennant’s clinic. This has all materialized so quickly, with the help of some very special angels, that my head is spinning. Of course, my dizziness could be due to juggling two phones and a computer trying to coordinate all the details of the trip.

I have wanted to take Abbie to Dallas for quite a while, but this trip snuck up on us, and I don’t know that I’ve fully absorbed that we are actually getting to go so soon! I look forward to seeing what a visit to Dr. Tennant’s clinic will do for Abbie, and I am anxious to learn even more from him.

Although this trip is something we’d planned to do at some time, we still had to really think through the possiblity, to determine if this was the right time for our family. Not as easy a decision as it would seem. The idea first surfaced on Saturday afternoon, and I wrestled with it all night. I went to church on Sunday hoping for confirmation one way or the other. As we sang I got two words, “Go” and “Trust”. I was happy to hear the first, and glad to hear the second. There is always so much more that we want to do for Abbie than we can realistically do, and “trust” told me that this trip is the right decision, and God will provide other things down the road.

So, you’ll be glad to know that our hotel room has high-speed internet which will allow me to keep everyone updated during the trip. We’ll arrive in Dallas this Sunday afternoon, and will visit the clinic for the first time on Monday afternoon. We’ve done inter-island flights with Abbie, but have not taken her to the mainland since she was injured. I covet your prayers for a smooth trip for her, that she would be comfortable and healthy. We have coordinated in-flight oxygen, but hope she doesn’t need it (although at $100 per leg, I may use it if she doesn’t!!)

She had a wonderful day in PT/OT today. People with Cortical Vision Impairment see best when that is all they have to concentrate on, when they are not having to manage head control, posture, etc. Well, today Miss Abbie sat on a bench with just a little hip support and used her vision to make fashion choices for the dress-up doll. It was incredible to see her sit up so strong and tall and still be able to use her eyes — a big step!

Still so much to do to get ready, so I have to go for now. All I can say is that God hears the prayers of our hearts, and so often he sends people to help those prayers come to fruition. What a place of rest and comfort!

3 thoughts on “Big D

  1. Wow, Miss Abby, what an opportunity for you. I’ll be praying that the Lord uses Dr Tennant in a mighty way to help you along your journey.

  2. Wonderful! Have a wonderful trip. Bring warm clothes, a very, very good chance of SNOW while you are in the big D! whoo hoo! ( check out for 6-10 day forecast *Ü* )
    Sharon in TX

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