A Magical Time

We are back from the “Happiest Place on Earth”, and it certainly lived up to that billing for us. Halfway through our first day there I realized that not since I was a young child have I been at a Disney property without a stroller and all the accompanying gear…it was great fun to be able to move with ease, to ride all the rides together, to laugh, to play, to eat (and eat…it’s all about the frozen bananas!) It was so sweet for me to enjoy every moment , every experience with the boys.

The boys thought of their sister at almost every moment. When we were souvenier shopping on Saturday, Matthew found a bead bracelet building station. He told me he wanted to make an “Abbie” bracelet, so with a huge smile I began to help him do that. About the time we were done RJ found us, and said, “Wait, it needs to say ‘I LOVE Abbie'”. We all agreed he was right, so we found the “I” and a great big red heart. With the addition of those things and a Minnie bow, the masterpiece was complete. Matthew then melted my heart by insisting on wearing the bracelet the whole time we were there.

Abbie did wonderfully while we were gone, because of how much tender, loving care she received. With each call home my apprehension was replaced with joy as I would get reports of her engaging with the children of the friends who watched her each day. She turned her head back and forth to watch Macy and Hailey – which sounds dangerously close to tracking! She was so pleased to recieve friendship bracelets from Keiko and Katy that she lifted her arm and looked at them for a long time. She was vocal, responsive and playful. In short, as we have seen lately, she thrived on the interaction with other kids. This has challenged Ray and I to figure out how to get more of this for her.

There have been many blessings in the journey with Abbie, one of the most precious being the opportunity to witness the depth of character and love in the hearts of our friends. Debbie spent the night with Abbie each night we were gone, and then each day a different set of our friends would take over…they truly made our Disney Dream possible.

We took a day off on Wednesday so I could get recharged, and now we are back in full swing. We did HBOT yesterday and today, PT yesterday and today, and also had Abbie’s speech group today. Her burn is healing quite well…out of the nine inch original burn only about two inches is still open. It is still causing her pain, however, so would you pray for comfort, pain relief and speedy healing?

We are seeing her use her vision more and more effectively, which is exciting. Her head and trunk control is also improving, most notably in her ability to remain in control as we tilt her body side to side. She is also doing great at bench-sitting, which requires her to bend her knees to 90 degrees and put her feet flat on the floor while still holding her trunk and head. What makes me smile the most, though, is how much she has been using her voice…very intentionally, every appropriately, and often with a smile. We usually can’t decipher what she is saying, but it certainly had meaning to her so we will get there in time.

I must admit to being a bit melancholy on Wednesday, the day after we returned from California. Our wonderful trip gave me a taste of what is would be like to have a “normal” family again, to be able to have energy to focus on the boys, and what it is like to actually sleep at night. I pray that it was just an appetizer for the feast of joy that is coming. On the trip home we all agreed that when Abbie is all better we are taking her to Disney World…there is much her brothers want to show her and many princesses she needs to meet!

2 thoughts on “A Magical Time

  1. Hi Tiffany,

    I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear how your trip went. I had a feeling it was going to be wonderful and I’m thrilled to hear that was the case. I’m so happy to hear that Abbie is doing so great.

    Love ya,

  2. I’m so glad you were able to get away for a few days and enjoy the boys. Abbie will be thrilled to go to Disney World when she is better. She has been making so many strides lately. It amazes me the difference in her over the past few months. All of your hard work, research and prayers are paying off. I’m sure that’s what Abbie is trying to tell you when she vocalizes! Can we see some pictures of your beautiful girl?

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