Abbie’s Report Card

Three weeks ago we were able to test Abbie’s overall body voltage, and found that she was running on about 2 millivolts, compared to a normal voltage of 20 millivolts. Two weeks ago we radically changed her diet to enhance her ability to hold on to the voltage we are giving her with the Biomodulator. Debbie, Abbie’s nurse, purchased the device (“MEAD” – Median Energy Analysis Device) used to test Abbie’s voltage, and we used it for the first time today. I am sooooo very pleased to report that with just 14 days of good fats, Abbie’s voltage is now up to 11 millivolts. WOW!! Much more than I was expecting to see this soon. I have been noticing little changes in Abbie, like better muscle tone, more vocalization, and more expressiveness, but I didn’t want to get too excited before I saw some hard numbers. For her first MEAD report card Miss Abbie earns an A Plus!!!

I also got a wonderful call from Dr. Tennant this morning. He asked about my jaw, about how Abbie was doing, and I started wondering how he had the time to check on such things in the middle of the day. Then he said, “Are you ready for some good news??” I am always ready for some good news. So, he said, “I have someone here who wants to talk to you.” He put Pam Wilson on the phone. Pam is the grandma of little Jordan who nearly drowned 2.5 months ago. They took Jordan to Dr. Tennant’s clinic in Dallas this week – so far he’s had three days of treatment there. As soon as Pam started speaking I could hear the tears of joy. She said, “Jordan’s high muscle tone is GONE, all of it. He has no tone whatsoever!!!’ You need to know that recently I talked to Pam, who was crying tears not rooted in joy because Jordan’s tone was so high, but because his respiratory rate was so low the doctors wouldn’t give him any anti-spasticity drugs like Baclofen. There was no remedy for him, and he was in obvious pain. Pam said that his facial expressions have returned to what they were before the accident as well. I was stunned and overjoyed to hear this because Jordan is the first near-drowning survivor to be treated at Dr. Tennant’s clinic, so of course I think about what is possible for Abbie when I hear about Jordan’s gains.

I told Dr. Tennnant, “I know this all works, I know why it works, and I believe you and Pam but it’s still so incredible to think about — real restoration!!” Praise God from Whom all blessings flow — that song was all that would come out of my mouth for the next half hour. There is a way back for our hurt kids!!! And, with Abbie’s latest report card I know she is well on her own way along that path!

A very good day!

2 thoughts on “Abbie’s Report Card

  1. Tiffany,
    Are you planning a trip to see Dr. Tennant? I can’t really say I understand the biomodulator, I always feel as if I am one step behind really “getting” what’s being said. It is just so much information to absorb… I am, however, very pleased to hear about the little boy’s experience and that Abbie is doing so well. You are like a near drowning mom astronaut!
    We continue to surf along, getting wet occastionally, but knowing we have already won this!

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