Everything’s OK

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I just want to let you know that all is well. In fact, it is great! Abbie was very vocal this morning, and kept it up during PT. She was also goofing around with us, being a little bit of a rascal. Lynette (PT) finally asked, “What did you do to her, this is a different girl than I saw last week.” There is an answer to that question, but it requires more time to explain than I right now…unfathomable blessings have come our way this week, and I will have time to write about them extensively on Monday. Suffice to say, the vague but firm hope that I have held all this time, that there is a way back for Abbie, has come into sharp relief and definate reality. Like I said, unfathomable…

Crystal just gave me an update on Abbie’s evening. After running to PT and the neurologist today (where for the first time she actually let Dr. O. see her do something), Abbie slept all evening. But, Crystal said she was “laughing in her sleep.” Surprised, I questioned her about this. “Yes,” she confirmed, “laughing. You could totally hear a ‘ha’, then she would stop and just smile a huge smile.” I think in her dreams Abbie is getting a preview of things that are coming, and I am joining in her joyful laughter.

No matter how long it takes, love always wins!!!

3 thoughts on “Everything’s OK

  1. What a wonderful surprise, LAUGHING I can only imagaine how wonderful it will be to hear her laughing when she is awake someday. God is so good to encourage us on our journey back to health. I praise the Lord that He was blessed you during your Birthday week, what a great gift!

    Love in Christ,

  2. Tiffany,
    I cannot wait to hear about the unfathomable blessings!!!
    I love when Izzy is being a toot. I can really see her personality the most during those times. I ran across a picture cd dated april 04 yesterday and sat it aside for the day considering viewing it… knowing it was probably the last film developed before the accident. I finally looked at it before going to bed last night and ended up crying myself to sleep. What a roller coaster ride, huh? Anyway, I rejoice with the good news and am continuing to speak those things that be not as they may into being. I call her walking, talking, and dancing! It will come!
    So now I have climbed back upon my board and am riding the waves!

  3. Wow, it sounds like Abbie is making wonderful strides all at once. God must have shown her a new path to get home. This is wonderful news!
    I was just sitting here praying like mad for Abbie and thought I’d let you know that you and Abbie are in my prayers.
    Keep going, Abby…You’re on the right track!


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