Please Pray!

Yesterday Abbie had a pretty quiet, uneventful day until her nurse, Corrie, check her O2 sats at 6:30pm. Abbie had been at her usual 96-99%, but suddenly she was at 84%. Corrie moved the probe to her other toe and to her fingers, and then checked the probe on her own finger to ensure it was working properly (it was). So, she started Abbie on 1 liter of oxygen and had to bump it up to 1.5 fairly soon.

When I got home at 6:45 Abbie was resting comfortably, but still only satting 93-95 even with the oxgyen. She didn’t have a fever, her chest sounded clear, and she wasn’t coughing, so we were stumped. Not having a clue what might be causing this rapid change, I pulled out my secret weapon, the Biomodulator, and went to work. After about 20 minutes of treatment we lowered the oxygen to 1 liter, with Abbie satting 97-99. We kept the O2 on all night just to be safe, and have used it most of the day today. Abbie seems really tired, but still has no fever or chest congestion. Please just pray she can overcome this quickly!

On Thursday night our family was abundantly blessed with a meal prepared by the Cheshire family…we had a mid-week holiday!! Roast turkey, amazing stuffing, homemade bread, potatoes, and yummy dessert. I usually decline offers like theirs, perhaps more often then I should, but with the scarcity of nursing this month I gratefully accepted. The only problem, as I told Katie, was that my family may not want me to cook for them anymore. I am humbled that over two years after the beginning of this journey we still have so many companions with tender, thoughtful hearts…I cannot adequately express our gratitude.

A follow up to postings earlier this summer… Abbie’s big Marine friend Ben continues his miraculous recovery from a traumatic brain injury. His wife, Carissa, recently gave birth to their first child and Ben was able to be with her through the entire process — chalk up another answered prayer!

On Thursday night Chase was helping me put Abbie to bed, and began goofing around with her. Not good for settling in for a good night sleep, but it was too fun to watch for me to stop them. For the first time I saw her true pirate smile again. The kind that says “I am about to do something naughty but I’m too cute to get into trouble.” She used that smile a lot the first 2.5 years of her life. By the time I banished him from the bedroom, Chase had Abbie laughing. Those moments make all the difficult ones fall to the ground and shatter into dust.