Neurologist’s update

Abbie’s neurologist called today to go over the bloodwork in detail, discuss how the medication is going, and tell me the results of the recent EEG. The bloodwork showed that her electrolytes were fine, protein is right where it should be, she is not anemic, and her calcium levels are normal. This was enjoyable reassurance for me, since I make all her food I always wonder how I am doing.

She asked me how I thought the medication, Trileptal, is affecting Abbie. I think it may be making her just a little bit sleepy, especially mid-morning, but we haven’t been at the therapeutic dose long enough to really tell. I asked if I could just watch her until her appointment on 8/17. I also told her that we are seeing some good things, too, and told her how well she did at rolling last Friday. Her response to commands continues to be very quick. Last night, as she was laying on her back I told her she needed to choose which way to roll. As the last words came out of my mouth, she raised her right leg, so we rolled to the left. She had a good day in therapy today, as well. Her legs are so loose and relaxed that she can stay at almost a 90 degree angle when seated with no problem.

Then the EEG…she said the best EEG-reader (another neurologist) read Abbie’s test, so she is confident in the results. As expected the speed of activity is slower than normal for her age. But, later in the conversation she told me that it has improved since other EEGs. The testing portion while Abbie was awake showed no seizure activity. It wasn’t the same story when she was asleep. There was seizure activity noted in both frontal temporal lobes, and the right occipital parietal lobe. This means that sleep is an “activator” for Abbie’s seizures. This information fit perfectly with what we saw on Saturday. After being up for most of the night on Friday, Abbie had about an hour’s worth of breakthrough seizures. As soon as she fell asleep, they were over.

So, yep…she’s officially having seizures, and needs meds. Not something I ever wanted to have to write, but by God’s grace, all is well. As I told her doctor, this is just one more path we have to go down, and we’re getting pretty good at this travelling stuff by now.