An Important Meeting

This afternoon (2pm Hawaii time) I will having a meeting with some of the supervisors and directors of the state program Abbie is in (DDMR). This program supposedly provides case management, nursing care, equipment and resources — I have seen very little benefit from this program. So, it will be a blessing for me to be the voice of many Hawaii families today as we sit down to discuss how their efforts are matching up with the needs of enrolled kids and families.

Please just pray for me to not carry anger into that meeting, especially since Abbie’s hips are such a fresh and potent illustration about the cost of system failure. God promises to give us the words we need when we need them, so I am claiming that for today! Please just pray for extra favor and for receptive ears. I am going into this meeting assuming that these are good-hearted people who sincerely want to help the kids but just don’t know how to do it effectively. I hope that is an accurate assessment!

Abbie’s feet were a little puffy again last night, so we’re still on the case, tracking down clues…Encylopedia Brown, where are you when we need you? But, it’s a bright shiny morning, the sun is streaming in and I KNOW it’s going to be a great day…..after all, God made it.