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A Decade

With the tenth anniversary of the day our lives changed nearing, I looked at the calendar and cringed.  Seeing May 3rd on the page didn’t bother me nearly as much as the swarm of events that week.  There were two … Continue reading

Best Doctor’s Appointment…Ever!

During the first year or two of this adventure with Abbie, I longed to hear good results, encouraging news, hopeful prognoses.  Receiving any, or all, of those would constitute a good doctor’s visit.  It didn’t happen often, but as I … Continue reading

My Co-Author

There was a time early on in this journey, while receiving life support of my own through Abbie’s blog, that I wondered what I would do when I ran out of things to write about.  Eventually I realized that the … Continue reading

Tassels, Bars, and Buttons

Earlier this month our entire gang traveled to California  for one of the highlights of our family’s life thus far:  Chase’s graduation from college and commissioning as an Army officer.  That Saturday was full of sunshine, flowers, memories, hopes, and … Continue reading

The Day Everything Changed

Last week I traveled to Seattle to learn a new language called PODD — Pragmatic Organized Dynamic Display.  What American Sign Language is to people with hearing impairments, PODD is to people with complex communication needs, like Abbie. At first, … Continue reading

Abbie’s 2013 Timeline

  Although my updates have become (very) intermittent, I always like to write something on May 10th —  the date we agreed to disconnect life support and allow our baby girl to go to Heaven.  This day reminds me every … Continue reading


It’s been an incredibly happy day fully of sunshine and laughter.  Not so different from how May 3rd started out for us nine years ago.  But, this evening, instead of being in the PICU praying for our sweet girl to … Continue reading

Where We’ve Been

  An entire season has passed since the last update, and so much has happened that words will surely fail me.  So, I turn to pictures, trusting the communication of thousands of words each will make up for lost time. … Continue reading

Life Goes On…

Each year, as May 3rd approaches, I wonder how I am going to express what the past, that day, and the future feel like as we remember losing Abbie and getting her back again. I had number of themes running … Continue reading

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Not Just a Walk in the Park

On Monday Abbie’s therapists totally changed the way she drives her chair.  Her seat has gotten torqued (long story), which forces her to turn to the left a bit.  This positioning makes it almost impossible for her to activate the … Continue reading